donderdag 19 juli 2012

1 2 Test, Test

Hi folks, 

I really don't know why I just made this blog... Some people make it with a dream to rule the world of fashion, make money with it, be ultra-exclusive or blabla.. Others have a passion and like to share it with people like the make-up freaks, designercollectors,... But right @ the moment I do not have any clue how my blog (sounds already awkward to me) is going to look like. I had to make "important" decisions like on which site I should start, in which language (although I've studied Latin, my English is pretty messy) and the worst of all: A NAME. I know it's personal and reveals a bit of the content, but just typing your name would be a lot easier.. 
Anywayz it iz what is it iz, little by little I'm going to develop myself, and now I have to stop rattling and start blogging!

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