maandag 28 januari 2013

Outfit of the day: navajo all the way

3 days &... POOF: the snow is gone. Either 3 days of studying &... POOF: exams will be over! 
Seriously, I'm sick of it. (2 months is just too long.) From now on I'm counting till the end of this suffering. 
So friday is my last exam, and then freedom is released. 
But first things first; development psychology. It's not that easy, so these 3 days won't be that short. 
A focusing - directed strategy, not focused on the end, but on the difficulty of the subject. I can think about a lot of things for next week: it starts with fun and it ends with fun. (except for the driving-test that's planned). Seriously; so much more interesting things to think about. But that will cause failure. And failure we do avoid. Or at least, that's what we try, but that doesn't make things easier.  Let's make this concentration happen!!

I will start in the morning, so for now a quick outfit post! The outfit I was wearing @ my exam today. (which went well; thanks to exam questions of last year.)

wearing: coat (essentiel) -leather shorts(primark) - blouse(c&a) - navajo kimono(F21) - necklace & earrings (new look) - bag (sasha) - shoes (pull&bear)


vrijdag 25 januari 2013

new lay-out

I did a little update on my lay-out. Not much of a change. I'd like to keep it simple.
As you can see you can find a 'shop my closet' tab. (HERE)
You never know, maybe you can make another person happy with your clean-up!

And what the **** is that picture? Well, when I was in high-school I always made some biro drawings in class. On paper, the back of my diary,... Let's see it as an escape from these boring lessons, haha. This one is a bookmark that I've made with biro, scratch-letters and that I plastified afterwards. I still use it a lot, so I thought; why not scan it and use is as a background? Et voilla. Here it is. Ready for a while... till I get tired of it.

donderdag 24 januari 2013

Outfit of the day: snow or green?

Brrr, still freezing cold outside. You don't hear me complain, I don't suffer that hard from this icy temperature. 
(Still learning under this sheepishly blanket with the heating to the maximum.) 
Altough the landscape has to be green, I think it's rather charming covered under this snowwhite blanket.

Long time ago, I was playing out there, romping around with the snowflakes, making this cute snowman while I could barely breath due to the superplus clothes-scarf-beanie. Haaa those times, I would love to turn back the time. Between this nostalgic thoughts I couldn't lack taking some quick outfit-pictures while the snow was still on, right?

Like I said, the landscape is white, so let's fill in the green-less nature with some green knits. Actually, green is my favourite color. From mint, to grass, to peacock or khaki. Name it and I love it. Da vinci was the first to define it as 'juvenility, spring, power, autonomy and peace'. Sounds like defining worths for myself, maybe thatz why I love it?

Anywayz, don't mind the sleepy head, I wasn't that long awake and during exams I'm rather light-intolerant, looks like the light was pretty intense, extra projected on this white floor. 


wearing: Green woolen cardigan (thrifted) - blouse and leggings (c&a) - shoes (boohoo) - socks (oldskool) - necklace (vintage) - earrings (F21) - nailpolish (catrice)


dinsdag 22 januari 2013

NEW IN: essential sales

I'm glad my exam went well today. The next is in 5 days, so I could afford to rest a bit: tradition wise forgetting my school-worries with a nice portion of sushi, hunting the last good deals of sales: thatz how we roll it. 

A golden headliner in the tips for scoring sales is probably scoring basics. Seasons fly, and so does the current collection. But hey, sin ain't not a crime! Altough I won't say my closet is empty, new clothes stay fun. Whether they are following a current trend, whether they're just simple. In this case 'less is more', does not hold good. Guess that's what typifies the women. Back to my point; we rather spend money on fresh and trendy clothes than on good basics. (or that's what I prefer.) 

Thinking about what to wear, and concluding that you miss THE essential piece to fulfill this perfect outfit in mind. I hate this feeling. So based on this issue, I made a wise choice and went hunting this essential pieces. Essential not because they're required in a standard closet (think:LBD, comfy warm pullover, perfect jeans,...), essential to get around the fact I can't combine some specific pieces to wear them parallel to my mind-based-look. 

I missed: 
1 a simple black pair of legging-pants that could go for a pants (not those who reveal your asscrack...) 
2 black shirt blouses (!!!) 
3 a simple shirt in a neutral color to combine with several necklaces 
4 a special pants (not just 'that' jeans)

I found: 
1 my legging (after trying out a lottttt) 
2 I let myself go lose: 3 pieces 
3 simple because it doesn't have a motif, just glitz 
5 a sequin blazer & belt: just because it can 

I still miss: 
4 the special pants. 
Seriously, I don't exaggerate when I tell you I tried on at least 20 pieces. No perfect match, looks like mission impossible?! Too narrow or too short, especially too short. A long piece looks an ankle piece and an ankle piece looks 3/4 on me. Okay 1m80 isn't that small, but hey I'm not a special exception, am I? There are a lot of girls with long legs imo, so pleaseeeeee think about this you damned clothing makers!

The catches: 


Did you find all the things you wanted in sales? Ever had problem with short pants?

zaterdag 19 januari 2013

NEW IN: sales

Helleuw again. Let's say I'm back in business. Last week was f*cking exhausting (I'm still recovering!), thanks to this sick exam I mentioned before. 2 done 3 to go. I think they went well, or let's say well enough to pass, but with a multiple choice exam (and correction for guessing), you never know, so I won't take any premature conclusions.
What I do know, is that sales are still on. And I quickly passed h&m & zara after my exam. I had waited long enough don't you think? Didn't shop any sales till 18 january. Considering my obsession, quite a remarkable fact! Little nuance: didn't shop in real life. My online purchases were already arrived, haha, but I didn't found any time to show you. 
So here they are: 





Remember my post here? As you can see above, I found the beloved dress & necklace from zara. +++ I received nothing less than €70 discount on the total of my buyz in h&m & zara, not bad isn't it? The boohoo purchases were €64 in total (no shipping costs + extra -20% for facebookcustomers), imo very cheap for 2 pair of boots & a pair of leggings. I love sales and especially the feeling of getting something you really love and want, and that for ini-mini-prices.

Reconnected. -fieuw- My next exam is tuesday, but that has to be an easier one... 
Good luck to everyone who has also exams, I'm feeling you guyz! KICK SOME ASS xo

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

NAILART: zebra battle

Quick update. Tomorrow I have my first exam about personality psychology. YIKES. 
Normally I'd like to rest & relax a bit (afterwards) on the day of an exam. 
Let's stay realistic: these exams are exhausting, aren't they? 
So I like to reward myself (or comfort in case of a bad exam) with some shopping or eating sushi... 
Guess what; friday is my next exam already, and it's the most difficult one of this period. (or that's what they say)
It's psychiatry, a course you have to learn by heart in the most extreme form: 
bradykinesia, amnesia, kataplexia, apraxia, acathasia, hypotonia, afonia, ... IAAAAAAAAAAAA
WORTSALAT: Mix all kind of words without any connection. You see: it's already driving me crazy :) 
So thumbs up, will need it & see you next weekend, when the blog-lock is done.

I give you some nail art I've made a while ago. Zebra nails. 
You have to put on a base coat, and make with a nailart pen some lateral curved stripes. 
It's not perfectly done I think, but I love the total image when you give it a glimpse. 

Which color do you prefer? The pink-silver VS the blue-green?





vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Outfit of the night: disco-ball-lookalike-eighties-dress

The nillies. My time. What should I talk about when I'm retiring and have my grandchilderen coming on a visit? Would it be the conflicting forces on several areas (see: political, economic, social or natural aspects) or rather the uniforcing social media? That's the core concept of this period imo. We've been overwhelmed by facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud, spotify, hyves, youtube,... and that are just the most leading ones. Caring = sharing, it's the rule rather than the exception. Odd isn't it? And even in the domain of fashion, whe can't live without them. Not only blogsters but also fashion magazines, brands, webshops and others can't help but to be keen to join in. If I have to give one word to define the nillies; it would be hodgepodge. And after my demonstration, that term speaks for itself.

The eighties. That's the period I had wanna live. An intersection of bright colors & punk. I love the prototypic vision of the disco people. They looked so funny and simultaneously also fashionable. A complex image with glitters, colors, leggings and polkadots. When you say eighties, I say cool music with funny upside-down moves. Love it.

Remember the dress from this post? I felt directly in love with this disco-ball-lookalike-dress. It clearly reminds me of these golden eighties, where surplus glitter & color wasn't immediately taboo. 
I was a bit choosy how to combine this, since I wanted all eyes on the dress. So I dressed down with simple black.


wearing: Dress & belt (thrifted) - boots (the fab shoes) - earrings (Veritas) - bag (Essentiel)

BTW: Here's a good illustration of the eighties with a nillies electronic touch.

Happy eighties xoxo

woensdag 9 januari 2013

Finishing touches: Hair Crystals

I’ve forgot to post this finishing touch of the day, in the resonance of the holidays. I mean, I used it for the holidays (nye), but in fact, you can use it for every occasion you want.  Only, it will lose it’s effect behind my study desk…
After numerous crystals to decorate your eyes, body, nails and even teeth,  SPOTTED: the hair crystals. 
I've found them in ‘Kruidvat’ for only €1,79 but I suppose you can get them in a lot of drugstores.  
As I mentioned I have this glitz&glam-phobia, this is quite a good new gadget to optimize my obsession.

This is how we do it:
1 Take your pair of crystals. 
2 Cut off a strip with a pair of scissors. (If you have long hair, you might need more strips for one lock of hair.) 
3 Pick a lock of hair from a place that you want. (I chose a piece just behind my ear.) 
4 Remove the white film and paste it in your well-held-together lock of hair. 
5 Heat up the straightener and hold on about 5 second/crystal, and glide along one time. 
6 Remove the plastic foil & tadaaaaa.


As I said, you can choose a place where you want, but don’t pick the wrong one… You don’t want to look like the Barbie from a child who just came back from the hairdressers, will you? (and by that I mean a lot of crystals in your pony or something) Just keep it subtle & natural.

Most of the hair crystals will stay in for a couple of weeks, the edition I used is less promising I think, although I had to scrape them away when I washed my hair. 

Like it? You can find some crystals over here and here
Keep me posted about your expiriences with it!


dinsdag 8 januari 2013

AD: Statement jewelry

In the past, I had only eyes for earrings –from big to small, from black to colors – I guess I simply wasn’t that accessories-girl, I supposed I didn’t have the feeling for it or maybe it's not that easy to please me, right?

2012: the hype of the statement jewelry…BAM, I fell totally in love. My view regarding jewelry was tossed & turned. And still, I love this BIG necklaces. Little disadvantage: they’re often a bit costly...

eFoxCity shows me that things can change. The roots of this shop are situated in China, the Walhalla of cheap & cool stuff.  They offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories (such as cheap ladies coats and black prom dresses and cheap pageant dresses) and that for very affordable prices. I simply love their jewelry (with a big exclamation mark behind the necklaces!).
You definitely have to check this out. This is my top selection.

Have you picked your faves yet?