maandag 28 januari 2013

Outfit of the day: navajo all the way

3 days &... POOF: the snow is gone. Either 3 days of studying &... POOF: exams will be over! 
Seriously, I'm sick of it. (2 months is just too long.) From now on I'm counting till the end of this suffering. 
So friday is my last exam, and then freedom is released. 
But first things first; development psychology. It's not that easy, so these 3 days won't be that short. 
A focusing - directed strategy, not focused on the end, but on the difficulty of the subject. I can think about a lot of things for next week: it starts with fun and it ends with fun. (except for the driving-test that's planned). Seriously; so much more interesting things to think about. But that will cause failure. And failure we do avoid. Or at least, that's what we try, but that doesn't make things easier.  Let's make this concentration happen!!

I will start in the morning, so for now a quick outfit post! The outfit I was wearing @ my exam today. (which went well; thanks to exam questions of last year.)

wearing: coat (essentiel) -leather shorts(primark) - blouse(c&a) - navajo kimono(F21) - necklace & earrings (new look) - bag (sasha) - shoes (pull&bear)


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuke outfit! Je kimono is echt heel erg gaaf!

  2. Nice outfit :)


    Coline !

  3. You look so chic, I love that sweater! Good luck with all your tests!


  4. Great look !

    That's a LOVELY SCARF !!!

    I also really like your jewelry :D


  5. Wat een geweldige outfit! Ik vind je kimono en schoentjes heel tof :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  6. Leuk vest!

  7. Love the coat & the shoes! :)

    Love, A.