maandag 31 december 2012

NAILART: glitz & glamz

You guyz already know that I simply adore glitters, sequins & shiny glamz. So I present you: my nailart for NYE: as shining and sparkling as possible.

I combined 3 different polishes:
1.OPI - save me (responsible for the lenghty glitters)
2.Essence - special effect colored topper (responsible for the colored dots)
3.Paris Memories (responsible for the glittery base coat)

I'm not sure how many layers I've applied, but I can tell you: it were MANY!
My nails had to dry for like an hour or something!
I'm curious how long it's gonna take to undo these... I'm already looking forward! NOT.

So if you were doubting what to do with your nails; go for it! You can also do this 4 another party or feast; but I warn you: it's really showy!

And further... I'll wish you all a fabulous glammin', lovely, (drunk?) partynight. 
Let de countdown begin! 


zaterdag 29 december 2012

NAILART: sparkling dusk to dawn

Not much to talk about, considering the prison time behind the desk. Unless you are interested in the gender differences, evolutionary vision on personality, motives, stress or emotions? That's right, I was studying personality psychology these last few days; so I can give you a whole exposition... This subject is quite fascinating, but I would rather fascinate about upcoming NY, sales,... than sitting like a vampire behind a desk a whole day long behind closed doors. (except these few pauses of smoking cigarettes or eating some food: -silly yeah- that's my relaxation) And that's my problem; I have to stay inside, when I go outside to grab a drink with some friendz; my concentration will vanish like frost under the morning sun. So I'll keep this activities limited to the minimum. 

NYE is almost there; so this nailart maybe can contribute to your fabulous outfits. The basic piece of your outfit, you probably got already in mind, but don't forget to optimize your accessories, bag, (tights), shoes, make-up & not to forget: nails!

The base coat is a simple Catrice:200 from dusk to dawn and the top coat the Essence special effect topper
Quite a lovely color combo imo.

For those who share this sorrow; good luck studying x

woensdag 26 december 2012

Outfit of the day: Xmas

Pfieeeuw; after just munching those last leftovers, I feel kinda bloated. Long time ago my tummy feels so round; we call it not for nothing Christmas-pounds, do we? Like I've mentioned; we don't do gifts @ Christmas, so while everyone is showing & instagramming his presents, I stay behind empty-handed. But let's put it in perspective; my climax will be at New Year! 

Between all this preparing for exams, I cooked a nice meal with scampi's @ Christmas Eve & collapsed in the sofa with - this oh so exploited, hundreds of times watched - 'Home Alone' movie. (And every time again this Kevin McCallister keeps charming me...). & although the next day was a new learning day -jeeeeeej- I highlighted the day by putting on some festive clothes, probably I couldn't miss the chance to run away from those books...

After this delicious turkey & stollen (still one tradition saved) that my daddy made, I stored away my fancy clothes for the REAL familyparties @ 1 january.

Wearing: Woolen jacket & skirt (essentiel) - blouse, boots & earrings (forever 21)

Food & co


dinsdag 25 december 2012


Merry X-mas to you all!
Let's enjoy these lovely times & delicious meals with the people we cherish.

Where's Wally?

zondag 23 december 2012

NAILART: Rocky reindeers

It's still raining cats & dogs outside; and although I love to wank about the coldness, this rain doesn't make me happier. So if I'm honest, it would be nice if the degrees would fall extremely, preferable tonight: that we can have a lovely white christmas. The disadvantage of snow is the muddy splash pool afterwards; but because I would just gaze at the flakes from behind my window (caused by the exams offcourse), it wouldn't be a disadvantage anymore... (since I don't leave the house...grmbl) So; snow please, dear mother Nature.

Today it's time for another nailart. And offcourseee; because it's almost xmas-time; let's stay in theme. I polished my nails with the 'Rock muse' smokey topcoat from New york color. You have to put on a lot of layers to make the result 'rocky' enough, so that's a disadvantage imo. @ my ring fingers, I've put on a golden base-coat, and polished some easy reindeers (existing of some simple spheres). 
I wish you already a merrymerrymerry x-mas xoxo


vrijdag 21 december 2012

PERSONAL; friendz eventz

As I've told you before; half of the academic year is already done, except the exams offcourse. Between all this schoolwork there has to be time for some fun. This semester was full of party (again), but as we all know: beautifull songs don't last forever. Duty calls: to study it iz, and it will be. But before this period of studying, traditionwise we party a last time the night away (although, this time it has taken 3 times to define our 'last' night: haha!). After some dining we went to YOLO-winter wonderland @ Barvista club in Leuven. There was an awesome deal: 5 shots gin = one goodie. Offcourse we drank the goodies away. 5 Russian fur hats & some gloves, good work, no? It waz an incredible farewell party with a lot of highlights. (Like a gang of foreigners stealing wallets&phones -oh hell yes included mine- but luckily they are arrested, the wallet came back but without the money... Despite the fact I had no money anymore, I couldn't give up my last party of the year @ Leuven: so no thinkin' but party!)

Partybuddies in crime: 
from left 2 right; Tessa, Jolien, Tom, me and Anne

like childeren who receive a gift; happy happy

The second event I've mentioned was the little christmas-party with my psychology-friendz. We had to bring all some snacks, but it ended in a serious banquet. (I felt even over-eaten till next morning!) Salmon-cheese wraps, cookies, chips, pizza, salami, olives; call it & we had it. D to the elicious. To top thingz off; we received a name to buy an inimini-xmas-gift (€3 or something; as student we're allowed to keep it low-budget; right?). I received the king of greens from Catrice and a Montagne Jeunesse face mask; thanks Charlotte for the lovely present!

psychobuddies: from left to right, top to bottom: Me, Liesbeth, Charline, Tom, Charlotte, Hannah, Jolien & Celine

tons of food

And thanks to all for the lovely times this semester; let's make the next even more memorable ;)

In a couple of hours I'm off to the 'End of the world party' in the neighbourhood; ow and if it's real; I hope my blog will be an artefact for the new generation; haha! xoxo

woensdag 19 december 2012

CURRENT LOVES: Xmas wishlist

HOHOHOHO: we are getting there, almost xmas time! In 5 days it's xmas eve; an evening supposed to share with the whole family cosy in front of the fireplace, with lights flashing in the christmas tree, with hopefully a lot of presents underneath it: cute wrapping paper, ready to be teared away on the melody of jingle bells,...
...NOPE: that isn't tradition in our family. Besides a delicious dish and a sleepy traditional christmas movie; mostly it's not that special event. We unwrap the presents @ new year's day. This tradition established during the reading of the New Year's letters of the childeren; reading-presents-picture; right?

Since my parents are divorced, sometimes I celebrate these holidays twice; but with the coming exams in january; I prefer to split time. 
I just returned from some little christmas shopping so my duty is done for now... And me? Almost always, I receive packets with some money; but it would be nice if I'd receive something from my wishlist! Toitoitoi!

Something you want from this? Or other things in mind?

zaterdag 15 december 2012

Outfit of the day: fruity leather

Today I present you an outfit I wore during a casual school-day ending with a movie-night with the ladies & guy from my psychology class. Our name 'psychokids' arose spontaneously, and besides our private group on facebook (a place to share school-info, questions & tricks), we organise regularly a night out. (Like dinner: we simply LOVE sushi!, partytime, bdays,...) So last monday we organised a movie-night with the essential snacks. We saw the movie 50/50, which was rather good (&psychological!) in my opinion. Next monday we are organising a little x-mass-party, I will keep you guyz posted!

I'm wearing this coat for years now and I can't get enough of it! I simply love the color, but when I bought it; it wasn't totally perfect: I didn't like the buttons... So I sewed new buttons on it (DIY's have solutions for every problems!) and... there it waz: my perfectly, 'unique' coat was alive. And still... I'm truly in love with it!

wearing: sweater tunic (thrifted) - leather leggings (soaked in luxury) - cardigan (zara) - shoes (the fab shoes) - coat (WE) - scarf (essentiel) - earrings (six)

shiny effect caused by the flash


donderdag 13 december 2012

NEW IN: little addict

I didn't found the time to post this new buyz with you guyz. Not that they are so spectacular; but  there were just a few thingz I missed in my closet this season.. And yeah offcourse; I admit, I'm a little addict. But which girl doesn't love to buy buy buy? My mom often declares me crazy, I explain it rather as a non-money-save-talent. I think this 'blair-ism' illustrates what I'm trying 2 say... So... I bought finally my velvet-pieces: even for only €2/piece. (That makes my addiction less dramatic, isn't it?) It waz again the €2-sale of Think Twice which I showed you here. The pictures aren't that great but this burgundy velvet piece satisfies me especially with it's glitz & glamz - sleeves! The waistcoat is simple but can cheer up some casual outfits. I scored the dress in the sales of 'DIDI' (yeah I waz shocked 2 that they had nice thingz) for only €16. And finally, the boots I ordered from the fab shoes after reading about the site @ some blogs. The texture & service definitely pleased me, but I think I have to wear them a couple of times to make them loose: I had blisters the first 2 times :( 


dinsdag 11 december 2012

NAILART: save me

This nailart of the day is quite suitable for my current life. While I'm practical living in the university-library, the clock keeps ticking. In less then 2 weeks X-mass holidays starts, and like I said before; the period of non stop study begins. (except this 3 days of escape: X-mass, New year's Eve & New year itself -fieuw-) 

Caused by a lack of enthusiasm, I didn't polished my nails lately with glitters. It's such a f*cking hard job to scrubb off these little rascals, untill I saw recent some blogposts with a lot of tricks to make it easy (here and here). So I plucked up courage & covered my nails again with a big fat layer of 'Save me' - from the Nicki Minaj OPI collection. (The base coat is one of primark which I showed you already a couple of times.) 
I forgot how much I loved this glitters