zaterdag 29 december 2012

NAILART: sparkling dusk to dawn

Not much to talk about, considering the prison time behind the desk. Unless you are interested in the gender differences, evolutionary vision on personality, motives, stress or emotions? That's right, I was studying personality psychology these last few days; so I can give you a whole exposition... This subject is quite fascinating, but I would rather fascinate about upcoming NY, sales,... than sitting like a vampire behind a desk a whole day long behind closed doors. (except these few pauses of smoking cigarettes or eating some food: -silly yeah- that's my relaxation) And that's my problem; I have to stay inside, when I go outside to grab a drink with some friendz; my concentration will vanish like frost under the morning sun. So I'll keep this activities limited to the minimum. 

NYE is almost there; so this nailart maybe can contribute to your fabulous outfits. The basic piece of your outfit, you probably got already in mind, but don't forget to optimize your accessories, bag, (tights), shoes, make-up & not to forget: nails!

The base coat is a simple Catrice:200 from dusk to dawn and the top coat the Essence special effect topper
Quite a lovely color combo imo.

For those who share this sorrow; good luck studying x

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