vrijdag 28 september 2012

Outfit of the day: Back 2 school


Finally lazy lay-back time. I'm exhausted, traditionally my first week in Leuven commits an assault on my body: booze, junk-food and little sleep. This waz my week; sunday: party, monday: feeling sick, tuesday: 2 hours of class & party, wednesday: party, thursday: 2 hours of class & party and friday: 2 hours of class and lean back in tha chaaaaair. Oh yeah; the week was heavy but damn good; I've enjoyed it. And seriously; 6 hours of class in a week? Paradise! But beautiful songs do not last long... The next weeks will getting serious, then I will have more classes.I will show you some outfit-pics from my first day 2 school; but i'm not so happy with the pictures, I'm brainstorming about a location for making pictures @ my student room sooo. Oh btw, I'm so pissed that I will always have to wear tights from now on, so autumn I have no choice, I have to allow your fallen leaves...

wearing: dress (primark) - studded belt (h&m) - jacket (mango) - boots (unknown) - bag (Turkey) - handchain (new look)


dinsdag 25 september 2012

DIY: Nail polish holder

Hi guys!

During my creative sunday I've made an holder for my nail polishes; since they stood always randomly in my closet etc... And of course, it looks classy @ my room in Leuven. (I'm accustomed already!), Today a short post because I'm going dining with a friend in a little while and I have to get ready in time. (stressssssssss). 

So here I will tell you how I've made it:

a pair of scissors, a knife, eventual a pencil and lath (but I admit; I did it   without...), needle sticks or small needles, the lid of a shoe box, a piece of isomo/polystyrene 
(I picked one of an old computer with already angular shapes, but you can certainly cut it out yourself!)

I've cut some pieces, and built a kind of stage (my polish catwalk haha!)

WARNING: do not use glue!!@ the first picture you see what happens if you glue it ;) So just use some needles. When it's all tight, you can decorate it with a cloth or rag, that you can choose yourself, and fix it again with needles.


So now my polishes are neatly stowed and it helps me choose a color.

Hope you like it...


zaterdag 22 september 2012



Since my vacation is expiring.. I can think of nothing better than... series! (offcourse I can think of something better like packing clothes and stuff to move to my room in  Leuven; but lazy mood it iz...). Because my readers don't know me well, let's start to reveal something more of my life.. I looooove series; seriously, I won't say it's an addiction, but if I don't watch any when I'm going to bed, I could not fall asleep quickly. I prefer a specific category; let's call it girlywirly. The fun thing about series is that you can observe lives and compare it 2 your own (Offcourse it's fiction, but there's nothing wrong about fantasizing, no?) and secondly the clothes; I love to see new outfits, worn by vibrant youngsters: it recommends them in a natural way. That's why I like to promote this blog: Shop your TV . They try to search all of the clothes the people wear in the series; nice and convenient, right? I also love the funny quotes in many series; it makes you think and think and th...
I will give you guys my favorite and the persons that inspire me.

Team Matty 4 sure

Can't wait till season 6!!

currently watching!

Which series do you watch?!

donderdag 20 september 2012



Normally this was posted yesterday; but since I was shop-tired I will do it now. I went to Luik, a city on the other side of Belgium (bitch please; it waz 1 hour and 20 minutes by train!). But in this city they have the one and only Belgian Primark! I hadn't so many money anymore; so primark was a good choice: you get a lot  4 little money. And you know the feeling; fall is coming down and my fall-wardrobe waz very empty (it seems to me anyway...). 
Although, I can't say goodbye to the summer and I still hope that the weather wil improve (especially my vacation-brown legs think that way...), but let's be realistic; it doesn't look good. There are only 3 days left of my vacation; because this sunday I will move back with all my stuff to my student house in Leuven. I passed my re-examination; so now I will start as a second-year-student.(hurray) Anywayz enough blabla; here some pictures of yesterday (again bad quality!). But I will show you the clothes in a better way in future outfit-posts!

outfit; easy and comfy
(blouse: urban outfitters -
skirt & jacket: H&m -
 bag; Turkey - earrings &
shoes: previous posts)
cause a girl has never enough loafers! 

Blouses - all primark

kimono & aztec woolen jacket - primark 
dresses - primark

phone case - random store


finally my leather shorts! (primark)


maandag 17 september 2012

outfit of the night: dazzling dancer


Still not very healthy of last night. In a last minute decision; I went to La Rocca; a belgian club in Lier. It waz my first time over there, so I didn't know what to expect, or better: how to dress?! I received 1 hint: "Even if you wear your nicest dress, you will be not out of place." So with this oneliner in my head, I dove in my wardrobe and chose 4 blingbling; because every girl likes diamonds. I'm posting some phone-pics (again) so sorry for the bad quality. Oh and the night was awesome, i'm sure you will find me more @ that place in the future! Nice location, good music (I will post a song of the dj of last night), only a bit pricey... But nice extra: @ the toilets you can choose from a variety of odors to perfume yourself. (Aww they had my favorite: Escada sexy graffiti) 

Embellished little black dress: boohoo - Silver glitter kimono jacket: eksept - Studded earrings: H&M - Sandals with fringes: Essentiel - Bag: pieces

I'm going to have a lazy night now... xoxo

zaterdag 15 september 2012



After a rough night @ a back-in-Belgium-party, me and a friend decided to fill in today with some shopping. First, we wanted to go to the only primark in Belgium (in Luik); but because it waz already late, we went to Hasselt. Actually, my favourite city in Belgium to shop is  Antwerp (definitely!). But today, I waz lucky because I found some really nice things in Hasselt. I finally found my studded loafers (me so happy). Another lucky thing: accidentally, my friend had a magazine with her with some discount codes from certain shops, so we could shop with discount! The only problem; the pictures suck. I didn't think about it when I borrowed my camera (ow bad blogger), but I miss it already now. Let's say it will be good for my karma! So here some pictures of my finds;
earrings (left); new look €7,15 - earrings (right); H&M €5,95 
necklace; new look €10,40

Pink studded belt; H&M €7,95

earcuff; Sasha €4,99

Handchain with snakes: New look €4,99
Studded loafers; (picture gives bad colour, they're darker) - random store €19,99

cowboy booties; random store €39,99

dress with lace look trough collar and birds; new look €17,99 (-10%!)

top with blossoms and birds (matches with pants); new look €13,99 (-10%!)

shiny pants (leather-look) hight waist with zipper back; pieces  €34,99 (-20%) 

I'm very happy with my boughts, I am satisfied again for what will I say... a week...? ;)xoxo

vrijdag 14 september 2012

Back to life

Hello again, 

I'm back in Belgium! Actually, I was yesterday; but I was too tired 4 posting. (yeah tired after vacation awkward, I know!) The vacation was incredible, I already want to go back! After Lloret de mar and Chersonissos, our 3th party-holiday was Marmaris. There was a huge bar street with a lot of clubs, so tradition wise; we went over there every night and partied the night away. For culture (and to make the parents happy) we did a hammam (yikes this waz so nice!) and we went on a boat trip (nice sun-tan). The shopping there was rather disappointed.. Too much fake bladidadidaaaa (although one of my friendz bought a nice Jimmy Choo!), so I didn't shop much over there. I won't tell you everything but here some key-words: irritating turkish boys, water pipe, fake-shopping, hammam-relaxing, nice rooms & hotel, lovely weather, root spray, joy-club, vodka-redbull, night-swimming, party-music, and so oooooon. I'm posting some pictures but I borrowed my camera the next week to a friend so my posts will be based on mobile-pictures :( 

boughts: Leather mint bag - Escada Island Kiss - Clinique chubby stick - earcuff - earrings - friendshipbracelet