donderdag 20 september 2012



Normally this was posted yesterday; but since I was shop-tired I will do it now. I went to Luik, a city on the other side of Belgium (bitch please; it waz 1 hour and 20 minutes by train!). But in this city they have the one and only Belgian Primark! I hadn't so many money anymore; so primark was a good choice: you get a lot  4 little money. And you know the feeling; fall is coming down and my fall-wardrobe waz very empty (it seems to me anyway...). 
Although, I can't say goodbye to the summer and I still hope that the weather wil improve (especially my vacation-brown legs think that way...), but let's be realistic; it doesn't look good. There are only 3 days left of my vacation; because this sunday I will move back with all my stuff to my student house in Leuven. I passed my re-examination; so now I will start as a second-year-student.(hurray) Anywayz enough blabla; here some pictures of yesterday (again bad quality!). But I will show you the clothes in a better way in future outfit-posts!

outfit; easy and comfy
(blouse: urban outfitters -
skirt & jacket: H&m -
 bag; Turkey - earrings &
shoes: previous posts)
cause a girl has never enough loafers! 

Blouses - all primark

kimono & aztec woolen jacket - primark 
dresses - primark

phone case - random store


finally my leather shorts! (primark)


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuke spullen! Vooral je short.
    'k ga snel eens kijken bij de Nederlandse Primark :)

  2. Flink gewinkeld hoor!!

  3. love this photos!! :):)
    beautiful post!!:)
    would really appreciate if you visit my blog!!

  4. Nice buys! Love the aztec vest & leather short!

  5. Waauw, zoveel leuke spullen! Ik wil er dolgraag eens heen!

  6. great choice of items and pictures. :) cool blog

    xx m