vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Outfit of the day: Friendly Prisoner


I've told you in my previous post I was searching for work; en jeppah... I got work: but not really the kind I imagined... Yesterday was my first day, or let's better say night. I have to work from 5 pm till 1 am, so you can say it's partly night work. When I heard the name night work, in my mind I saw floating the euro notes (hello: I could also been partying?!) but nothing is less true. It doesn't pay well and the job sux (I have to fill boxes with batteries...). Some relief: there are other working students to talk with :). I could keep complaining but work is work and it's only today, monday & tuesday; and then Travel-Time ^^. 

Fit into the picture; I have an outfit of the day (snapshot from before: the weather sux today!), and I think it's prison-tinted (think @ work). First the stripes, and then the plates, studs & chains. 

Plans of the day: a little surfing & getting work-proof. Adios x

Top: Forever 21         Sunglasses: Ray ban   
Jeans, flats, necklace: New look        Bag: Essentiel           

woensdag 29 augustus 2012

DIY: punk-shirt

Hi folks,

SOS, i'm searching 4 work... I've been surfing all day long, looking for a summer job, in vain. I am €600 in debt to my daddy, I borrowed money to pay my trip to Turkey from next week. So before school starts again (24 september, yikes!), I have to gather that money. So between my search-sessions online, I got jitters to DIY. So I looked in my closet, and there I found some stuff to make this skull-shirt and pimp it out with studs. I'm happy with the result, it's perfect for some weather like today, can't wait 2 wear it.
Oh and I passed by 'Kruidvat' and bought some new nail-stuff, so when the ombré nails have had their best time, I will post some new stuff.

(btw; the red spots are still from the processionary, no pimples or something ;) )


maandag 27 augustus 2012

NAILART: ombré ombré ombré


Late night post over here... Do you know what sucks? PROCESSIONARY! (kind of caterpillars). Last weekend I went to a festival and there, in the oak trees, these tiny little vermin lose their hair. It's f*cking itchy and irritating and I've read on the internet that it can last up till 2 weeks!! But next week I'm going to Turkey with some friendz so i'll hope it will be gone by then, because these are all red bumps, so I'm not the most picture perfect woman today and I'm very sure that sunshine wouldn't make it better... Anywayz it waz a very nice festival (independently of those animalz, duh...). Due to the weather, I had done a home-pedicure (and manicure, let's be honest) today. My feet were horrible after the rain in my shoes. But every coin has 2 sides; now I have happy feet and cool ombre nails!

I saw these shiny colors in my room and thought about ombré ombré ombré :)
The colors are;
 - 240 sold out forever 
 - 810 ACid/DC                      
both from catrice. (btw; my catrice collection is big, very big...)
Maybe these colors are also caterpillar-icious. Haven't they greenish colors? Or perhaps, itz my obsession...


donderdag 23 augustus 2012

can't get enough of sales


Last night was pretty amazing, I went for a drink with some friendz, but in an impulsive caprice; we arrived @ an exclusive private party a couple of cities further. A bit underdressed, we partied between D&G, high heels and really expensive champagne (€219/bottle!!!!!!!!). So party animal as I am, I woke up with a serious hangover and to surmount it, I went to a little city in the neighborhood to look 4 some very last sales, and windowshop the new collection. (after that party, everyone's wallet would have been broke...). 

And there it waz, the awkward moment when you enter in a state of desperation the shop 'Bel & Bo'. Normally I would never enter it because i'm seriously under the average age of those customers (except when you add the teenies). And very strange but true, I found a dress (itz nothing to frame, but nice to wear on vacation or some) for only €7, bitch please! 
On top of that I bought also a grey jacket with some silver plates, very casual but nice to wear with a dress. That wasn't so pricy too! (€10). So my hangover melted like snow in the sun. 

Here some quick pics, cause I'm going to bed in a moment, I have to be fit because tomorrow, i'm going to a festival again with some friends till sunday. So see you guys within a few days.
(Btw: I'm posting also one of my favorite songs of the moment, it makes me think of yesterday^^)


dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

outfit of the day: pink lemon


It's fine to feel back on track! Yesterday, I had my exam of statistics, but did I succeed? Don't ask me... It was very difficult but I thought I did better than last time. Anywayz to celebrate the sequel of my vacation, I've been eating sushi with a couple of friendz (although they have to finish other examinations, poor guys!).

For my outfit of the day, I found inspiration in some fruit juice (weird, yeah i know). I combined a floral skirt (with main colours pink and orange) with a lemon tank top embellished with some pearls. The skirt, I ordered online on BOOHOO (my favourite webshop) and the top is from sales @ Forever 21. I tried this 2 with my wedges from 3Suisses. These aren't my everyday shoelovely's because I don't wear much heels (caused by my length: I don't want to be seen as 'Long Neck' the attraction in the amusement park 'Efteling').

So i'm summerproof again, ready 2 do nice things. xoxo

   top: forever 21     skirt: boohoo.com    
wedges: 3suisses.com                    earrings: Jutka & riska vintage store - Antwerp

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Frustrations? Me-time!


If I have to describe my mood today: I would say cloudy!
When the temperature keeps rising and rising, my motivation keeps falling and falling. It's so hard to study when the weather is like this :( 

On top of this, it's also time for pukkelpop (the belgian festival), after the disaster of 2011 I'd hoped to go back but with the examination on monday, that intention also failed... I went to pukkelpop for already 5 years a row, so this is very painfull. 

Between this dark thoughts, I saw the light: it's time for a bit me-time... So I grabbed my masks from Montagne-Jeunesse (Kruidvat), time to lean back and relax! I chose the white chocolate flavour for deep pore rinsing. With some tunes on the background, perfect for a happy-feeling. Afterwards, I polished my nails and tried out the zebra-look.

Totally reborn :) 


Montagne Jeunesse masks: €1,75

Catrice:€2,49  Nail art pen: Urban outfitters: €3,50 (sales)

maandag 13 augustus 2012

Finishing touches: Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss ft pins and needles


Another sparkling day with sunshine and formulas is over. Still learning; over and over again. But between graphs and definitions, I've found some time for a bit final touches @ my look.

I've tried out my new lipstick; I'm certainly in love. 
It's got also a well found cool name: Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss. A natural mix of a bright pink colour.
Beside the lips I've made quickly a ponytail à la Blake Lively (one of my dear inspirations), and I've decorated it with a pin of spikes.

Hope you like it! xo

Pin: Forever 21 €5,99

Kiss kiss Hibiskiss : Catrice €3,49

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Outfit of the day: Indiana Jones

It's time for an outfit of the day: Indiana Jones. (makes me think about it)
The last time I wore this was when I went to the Belgian sea. The blouse is a bit breezy and puffy: perfect with a bit wind through your hair. I had this look also @ the festivals: so it's a bit multifunctional. :) 

The key ring @ my shorts is a souvenir from my niece from Italy. She bought it in the Fornarina store and since I haven't yet a car, I use it to brighten clothes. 
The shoes are from Essentiel: I bought them in sales and I had a lot of compliments about them. They were also available in yellow but I'm glad I took this colour: they're my favourites now!



woensdag 8 augustus 2012

NEW IN: Into the the fluo zone

First of all, some words of sorry because I left my blog a while untouched. A lot of festivals were going on, like tomorrowland, one of the best: I LOVE IT! These days i'm getting prepared for my re-examination of statistics. Hard knock life, really...

This season a lot of trends are going on, my faves of the moment are certainly studs & glitters (which is not only since these season: i'm a glitterADDICT 4 sure)! But I'm getting also into the fluo trend. 
My last catches:

FLUO BAG - H&M €24,99
NAILART ESSENCE - only €1,49

 I'm getting nail-art addicted :)

And now back to reality: the books... I promise next time won't take so long 4 a new update...