woensdag 28 november 2012

Outfit of the day: snake woman

An outfit from last week; didn't find the time to upload between all this schoolwork. Seriously, it drives me crazy, learning-period is almost there and I have tons of work to do, dunno where to begin first. Actually, I'll maybe have to admit that I could have done a bit of this work earlier, but you know how it goes: friendz-events, parties, shopping, being the lazy-ass,... and then POOF: back to life, back to reality. So it's working-time from now on, blinders on, little party and STUDY.

Ok, so for the outfit; since my closet is filled again (which I showed you in this post), I chose this snake-outfit. The blouse and skirt are new, but the boots you guyz saw over and over again: can't get enough of them!

Oh and sorry for the bad light of the pictures, looks like the sun does it's work in a wrong way...

wearing: blouse (urban outfitters) - skirt (random store) - coat (essentiel) - boots (zalando) - necklace (new look)

maandag 26 november 2012

DIY advanced: fimo

Today, I'm gonna present you some DIY-projects of my aunt. She's been very busy with some clay-projects lately, and because I like them so much, I will upload some pictures of it. It's fascinating what a great finesse hides behind this. The smallest precision is required for these small holes, arcs, colors and final touches. For myself, it's clear: don't try this @ home, simply because I don't own that finesse. But if you have some questions about how my aunt begins with all this, or if you need some tips, maybe want to buy something? You can always mail me!

Enjoy xoxo

zaterdag 24 november 2012

Shopping trip: Antwerp

Aargh, it's been a while again, this week was so busy I forgot posting!
Once a season, I go on a serious shopping trip to Antwerp, because it stayz the shopwahalla of Belgium. (my fave top: 1. Antwerp 2. Luik 3. Gent 4. Brussels 5. Hasselt 6.Leuven) But when I go, I like to do it W.I.L.D. So I wait untill I gather enough money and then spend it recklessly. And with that I don't mean bad buyz, but buyz without money considerations ;). Luckily my clothing-sale @ Louvintage did go well, so I could replace the old empty space in my closet with something new. So last tuesday I went to the city from every girl's dream. I prefer shopping alone, because there are absolutely no limits: you can traverse from one store to another and back again, you don't have to wait in the fitting rooms, you can stay as long or as short as you want in a store,... I could name a lot of benefits. And what if you doubt? You can't ask a friend's opinion? Well it's simple; I almost never doubt about buying something or not. The only disadvantage is to eat something alone; there are cooler thingz then that :D. But lucky me: I've got a male friend who just loves the same details as me. So we go to Antwerp together: take the train, smoke some cigarettes, split up, eat together @ noon, split up, call each other to ask what the state of affairs are, rejoin, smoke some cigarettes, take the train back home, and whine about our feet & buyz or not-buyz. Love it!






What are your favouritz?


zondag 18 november 2012

Outfit of the day: Stay in touch with pink

Yesterday, on saturday, it waz my niece's 26th bday (again: congratzzz!) & tradition wise we give a little family-dinner when it's someone's bday (you know: drinking champagne, eating piece of pie, taking up 3 xxx from the whole family and getting some presents!)
She gave a cheese platter... & another piece of news about me: I looooooooooove cheese. (It reminds me of 'The rescue rangers': yes that old-skool animated movie that we've all seen in our childhood. Well, there waz a character who adore cheese as much as I do. For those who have forgotten: I will add a little movie -> nostalgia!)

Now 4 the outfit I chose for my new stuff (in this post). Pink & pink and offcourse the earrings my aunt made for me (I'm maybe adding some pictures in a post of her latest artworks, because she's thinking about selling stuff: so if someone is interested...). 

wearing: Pink blouse & necklace (H&M) - peplum skirt (unknown) - boots (zalando) - coat (Essentiel) - 
earrings (DIY from aunt)



vrijdag 16 november 2012

CURRENT LOVES: Catrice SpectaculART

Every month, Catrice comes op with a new collection. For november-december it's called 'SpectaculART', which I think is quite good chosen because the holidays are almost lurking around the corner. Glitz & glamz, champagne, dressyclassy & kissykissy @ '12 o clock: that's where the fuss is all about? Offcourse, NYE: a night that supposed to be fabulous. Actually, every year I end up again with some friends on a random party and it isn't even that special... Ok, it's a different occasion and a bit of conviviality, but for that reason better? I dunno. Maybe my bitterness is caused by this other awesome event called: preparing for the examination period. It just hasn't got this 'conviviality'. 

Anywayz, apart from the fact that NYE isn't such a highlight; I love the dressing up (how hypocritical). 
Because I am a sequin-lovah, I like the new nail polish of Catrice: Gold leaf topcoat. It just gives this extra touch to your nails. The other colors please me 2. (pink addict as I am)
Continuing the list: the eyeshadow (01. So Precious) and lipstick (02. Revel The Red). Hop, 2 the store!

Which item do you like?

maandag 12 november 2012


Don't you evah let your wife, your girlfriend or your sister discover Zalando.
On whose retina isn't this burned yet?! Exactly, everyone knows the commercial of Zalando. And that's the reason why I took a look on their website. (Congratz 2 the marketing people; the spot is genial!)
I discovered lovely boots over there, and although they weren't expensive, I didn't buy them immediately. Thanks to the recurrent ads on several websites (Yes, these who show you what you really WANT), I convinced myself to buy them. But just when I was a little step closer...I saw my shoe size was out of stock! Luckily they have a system to send you an e-mail when they're back, so I didn't doubt anymore: order that business!

Secondly, I mentioned I had problems with finding a new winter-coat, and that I would keep you guyz informed about my quest. Well, I've found my darling. I discovered him in an Essentiel outlet store. (And lucky me; my mom bought the same in red in the same size, so when I get tired of this color, I can even switch!). I totally love the camel with the pink fluffy 

 I haven't showed this jumper either, I bought him a while ago @ a little vintage market. It will keep me warm these cold days!


Last but not least; I got these cute earrings as a gift from my aunt. They're totally DIY, made of fimo clay. She's such a handy person and I was obsessed with her last artwork, so when she offered me one pair, I was totally excited! They totally cheer up a 

PS: Because the sale of my clothes went so well, I'm planning on a big winter-shop-trip: so be prepared ;)