vrijdag 16 november 2012

CURRENT LOVES: Catrice SpectaculART

Every month, Catrice comes op with a new collection. For november-december it's called 'SpectaculART', which I think is quite good chosen because the holidays are almost lurking around the corner. Glitz & glamz, champagne, dressyclassy & kissykissy @ '12 o clock: that's where the fuss is all about? Offcourse, NYE: a night that supposed to be fabulous. Actually, every year I end up again with some friends on a random party and it isn't even that special... Ok, it's a different occasion and a bit of conviviality, but for that reason better? I dunno. Maybe my bitterness is caused by this other awesome event called: preparing for the examination period. It just hasn't got this 'conviviality'. 

Anywayz, apart from the fact that NYE isn't such a highlight; I love the dressing up (how hypocritical). 
Because I am a sequin-lovah, I like the new nail polish of Catrice: Gold leaf topcoat. It just gives this extra touch to your nails. The other colors please me 2. (pink addict as I am)
Continuing the list: the eyeshadow (01. So Precious) and lipstick (02. Revel The Red). Hop, 2 the store!

Which item do you like?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, doe mij maar die gold leaf topcoat
    (denk dat ik hem mss morgen al ga halen)

  2. Oh its fabulous ! I love all those lipstick ! Gorgeous make up

    Bisous from France

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  5. loving the lipsticks!


    shop: www.shoplumo.com

  6. Love catrice

    I have so much make-up of catrice, im so happy about their quality , range, just everything!
    Love their new collection.

    Addicted to catrice! Maybe we should start a club? ;o)


    Coral Peaches & Silk