zaterdag 30 maart 2013

NEW IN: mid-season sale

Just a quick new in post. A tiny budget makes a lot of pieces @ mid-season sale. I'm planning to go to primark and Antwerp this Easter holidays, shopping some spring pieces. However there isn't a spring in view, so no hurry? Actually there is, in my mind it's fully springtime. I do not succeed anymore to make new/cool outfits because I'm SICK of this temperatures. Really, snowflakes when we are almost in april? What the # is going on here? Easter times must be filled with lots of sun, flowers, upcoming blossoms and chocolate eggs to gather OUTside, not inside. So hurry, hurry miss mother nature, my patience is at an end. 

EARRINGS: pimkie
11. miss piggy's BF
40. I'm dynamite
36. mint me up

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

PERSONAL; friendz eventz - the bday!

Last saturday was my birthday. The partying started already friday. I went with some friendz to a special 'bday night' @ a local discotheque. There were opportunities for buying champagne at reduced price. Bubbles + reduced ? NICE. So we drank and danced the night away. And when I came home back then, I drank the water away, avoiding the hangover of course. On the big day itself, the family came over for happy dinner time and to eat 'some' cake. To eat a LOT of cake, actually. Funny thing is that it's my favorite aunt's bday that day too! She turned 16 (but you have to read it in the other direction). Traditionally we celebrate together and blow the candles from the lovely cake, together. After this lil home-dinner, I went out that night again, but that wasn't that spectacular. Anywayz, I couldn't get enough of it, so I threw a party for friendz @ my student house with some snacks and booze. A LOT of booze, you know the reputation of a young student, right? Again we partied the night away. But now I'm definitely satiated, it waz très bien mes amis. And the presents? Love, love them. I received folders, money, the liquid sand collection from OPI, 2 lovely statement necklaces and vouchers for sunglasses, sushi, zara and Zalando! The money is no more btw, I bought immediately an iPhone, an investment as I predicted! Again thanks folks, this was a nice edition, maybe there is no curse at all? That's that. Forever 20. That's how it should be! 

woensdag 20 maart 2013

Outfit of the day: long lasting and flimsy

Haaaaah this weather, can't stand it anymore. I'm really tired of my winter-closet. Dear mother nature, when are you gonna make spring finally happen? I remember last year, around this time of the year, it waz f*cking 25°C. Alwayz this packing and clothing layering, I'm sick of it. 
This dress is a curly wurly breezy one. I own it already about 4 or 5 years, and I'm still not done with it. The wind unlocks its extra flimsiness. With the small belt, you can accentuate specific pieces of your body. And last but not least, the colors do create happiness, especially with it's silver glittery strips. (I'm the glitterobsessor, remember?) So nothing but plus points. Maybe that's what's making the dress so timeless and lasting. 

wearing: Boots and dress (essentiel) - scarf (pieces)

Do you have that piece of clothing, the one you never get bored about and returns year after year?

vrijdag 15 maart 2013

CURRENT LOVES: upcoming bday

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

A girl and her luxe. It's like pepper and salt. 
A pair of Louboutin, 'un sac à main de Chanel', Fendi sunglasses and la-la-la. 
For each girl a dream to become true. Precious thingz to cherish lifelong, but precious thingz require money...
Money that is far above the main student budget.
Save some money, you say? Spend some money, I say. Money is round!
Or is this maybe just an excuse for my not so sparingly attitude...? 
With cash for a pair of Louboutin, you can buy this LOTS of other things, and that's exactly my problem. 
Quantity > Quality. 
In one week, on the 23th of march, I'm turning 20. Yes indeed, a ride on train 2... And yes, it's JUST 20, but I'm getting started to feel old(er). Bye bye teenieweenies :(
But on the other side, time for a whole new chapter in this lifestory. 
Let's start with buying some nice thingz, I definitely don't know yet what to buy with the b-daymoney. 
But I think it will be one of the following loves. (I need a new phone, wallet and sunglasses)
So HEY big spender, which one should I pick?

Marc jacobs metallic wallet / 2 Pink mirrored sunglasses MJ / 3 Ray ban sunnies / 4 Marc Jacobs wallet / 5 Rebecca Minkoff sunnies case / 6 Alcatel Los Angeles / 7 Camouflage Marc Jacobs wallet / 8 Escada - cherry in the air / 9 iPhone 4  

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Outfit of the night: disco tortoise

Outfit-cocooning. Sometimes we love to turn in upon ourselves and return to familiar habits. Feeling comfy in our shell just like a tortoise does feel home. And I admit, I'm feeling kinda tortoise sometimes. Just going back to the same outfit as always. The one you like the most on every moment. Followed by wear and tear due to the overload 'worn once -whop- washing machine', and still... can't get enough of it. Standing in front of your closet doesn't make sense anymore, because you feel just perfect in that ONE outfit. But unfortunately, you can't wear it évery party. It would be a pity to get bored about it, because perfect outfits (although in our own minds) are rather rare. Besides that, we can't bore other people. At first it sounds like; "Wow, nice outfit!", the second time; "Still loving that skirt..." but in the end it falls to a "Zzzz-again?!". Nevertheless, you feel like whatevah, because the feeling is so damn right!

Is there a lesson to be learned? Although it's your favourite piece, don't exaggerate. And most of all, that's an obligation for myself! Btw, funny how the shelter of a tortoise looks like this skirt. This shiny piece keeps obsessing me. I present: my current beloved party-outfit. 

wearing: skirt (F21) - blouse (c&a) - jeans jacket (urban outfitters) - necklace (new look) - earrings (h&m) - bag (vintage) - shoes (the fab shoes)


Does it sound familiar to you guyz-this cocooning? 
PS. Sorry for the bad quality, too little light, I guess...

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

AD: Pixum picture perfect

Pictures fade away, memories forever stay. Even though this one is an all time stayer, I love to have pictures of memories. Especially of me and my friendz. A short time ago; my external hard disk was broken. I almost had a heart-attack (all my pictures from 2001 untill nowadays were on it), but luckily it could be repaired. That's why it's nice to have all your pictures also printed. But in this online virtual world, people don't pay attention to it anymore. Each summer, as I went on vacation with friendz, I always make a photobook afterwards, with a short summary of these lovely times. Just because it's fun, and to show the kids in the future of course, haha.

I was very thrilled when Pixum offered me a lovely opportunity to test their services. It's an online shop and they offer thingz like photobooks, canvases, posters, calendars, greeting cards, or just simply printing your pics! Something for everyone, there are a lot of possibilities; whether you want to surprise a friend with a gift, whether you just simply love pictures&co as me.

I ordered a photo poster, designed by myself, with the aid of the service. At first, you can choose your own background, secondly upload your pictures and place them where you want and in the end you can even add your own text. It's that simple. As you can see on the pics, I've made a collage of the nightlife in Leuven (the city I study). I'm very happy with the result; the quality of the pictures stayed perfect, and the print is as I expected, moreover the shipment was shipshape and therefore it deserves a place above my bed, in my student-room of course. Definitely a nice idea as a gift.
Thanks again, pixum!