dinsdag 26 februari 2013

NAILART: Pink lining

Whoopie, I've been a bad blogger (again). Too long time no see. But last week was, what should I say, pretty vivid again. Not in a positive way. Wednesday my lovely phone was stolen (again) @ a club where I lost more of those beloved things. Can't help it, it seems like faith is picking on me. Even with a group of friendz, it's always me who is the 'lucky' shot. Next time, guess I have to pick another purse that looks less attractive, or maybe protect it with a padlock?

Texting a friend, making a quick call, instagramming or checking FB, banal things but in the long run very indispensible imo. A pretty example of how these modern social media/gadget-times influence or minds that way, we become little addicts, and can't imagine anymore without these luxe-opportunities. And this may sound cocky, but try to think about it, from all this possibilities to -boem klatch- nothing (see: stone age minds: no pc's, phones, tablets or internet), would you be able to bear that?

Anywayz, looking for a new phone right now. Hope I will be able to thrift the same one, because currently, they don't sell it anymore. 
Quick nail art, with a combo of Catrice: hip queens wear blue jeans! and Essence limited edition Miami roller girl. (PS. I do need more training on the right hand, haha.)

maandag 18 februari 2013

Outfit of the day: Studs and jeans

The sun is shining again: joehoe! And so the first sitting-chill-@ a terrace-enjoying the sun was a fact. Gotta love these times, chit-chatting and sunny faces. One bad thing; it keeps me sometimes away from other important things. (Like studying or something, however that's not the issue at the present, since the semester has just started.)

This outfit I was wearing to a little family-dinner sunday. Again eating a cheese platter, seems it's becoming tradition in both families, but hey; no complains here, I love cheese! In the future I even see myself tasting some cheese and wine with my husband with some fancy clothes comme tête-à-tête, haha.

BTW: I really have to STOP taking outfit-pictures in the forenoon, when I'm not that long out of bed. Sleepy face², but haah those sundays. They're made for having a good sleep, having a little break from a heavy week. Just Zzzzzz.

wearing: skirt & boots (boohoo) - shirt (thrifted) - cardigan (primark) - necklace (h&m)


zondag 17 februari 2013

HOT or NOT?!: the plexi-heels

Today it's time to introduce a new rubric, namely: HOT or NOT?!
Evaluating trends, that's what it is all about. I emphasize that goes about both the upcoming, current as well as resigned trends. It's just not that easy keeping pace with the times and always be updated on the highest new trends, although that's one of a blogger's duty's. I rather describe it as a curiosity to opinions. Sometimes when some trend is striking everywhere, I wonder what the average person thinks about it, as I mean: I want to get to know my readers and visitors.

So each time, I will put a random trend in the middle of this, and you can vote whether you consider it hot or not. Easy, right? By checking the poll out, you can check what you people really think. I will be honest and sincere too. Since I will give a review myself. 

So for now: The plexi-heels
Since the MMM for h&m launch last autumn, these futuristic heels were already there. Nowadays you can find them more and more. I think they're quite genious, but I'm not that type of high heel-person. The lower versions are still cool, but then you will lose a bit of the 'look-through' effect, I think. So for me it's a hot!



(You can find the source of the pictures by clicking the numbers.)
So let the voting begin!

HOT or NOT?! - the plexi trend

donderdag 14 februari 2013

NAILART: Blue mountains

Valentine's day, mister Cupido's busy day. I think you can say there are basicly 2 camps. Those who love this day, en those who don't, or stay indifferent. I consider myself to this last category. Not that there is a thing to celebrate, since I'm still (happy!) single. But all this "on this day we have to show explicit that we're happy in love"- fuss is irritating me. All those soggy and sticky moments, while love is something you have to show everyday, and not only with flowers or a teddy on the 14th of february, right? 

So no cuddly dinners or something this day for me. Just celebrating. Double shot celebration time. At first, I achieved my driving licence tuesday. (3 times hurray!) I'm so relieved, one thing less to care! And secondly, I received my results. I passed 4 from the 5 exams, sadly enough the other one will be a resit.
Guess all this hard work sometimes get rewarded and this may well be a good thing.

Here a little nailart with some tape. I wasn't so happy with the result because I had to retouch a lot (caused by a bit loosening the polish), and it makes it a bit sloppy. But it's a cool way to make something 'new'. So better luck next time!


zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Outfit of the day: Jungle fur

1 week free. It's almost over already. Actually I'm glad, since I study and live in Leuven, I don't feel at home anymore @ my parent's. Weird heh? Home is were the heart is, they say, and that's in Leuven. A not so big but vibrant city. Not just the nightlife, cool room, lovely moments & friends. It's a place that helps with your development, the pad in the direction of adulthood. Not only cooking, making your own bed, cleaning or other household tasks. Also with developing yourself, ways of thinking, values, coping and relationships. It's all in the packet. And off course, it's nice to know that it's not 4 'REAL' already. I have a whole bright life in front of me. So let's enjoy this.

Anywayz I'm euforic at the moment. Got my tickets for TOMORROWLAND (best festival in the world); the full madness, jeeeeeej! For the people who are still trying good luck!!

 wearing: fake fur & shorts (eksept) - turtle neck & necklace (zara) - earrings (F21) - boots (boohoo) 


woensdag 6 februari 2013

CURRENT LOVES: six limited edition

Couple of days ago, I gave a quick visit to some stores in Leuven, spotting a bit of the new collections. And although madames were totally busy filling in the new season and cleaning out the old, my eyes did catch some precious pieces. Starting with the limited collection of Six. 
Reading this: "With SIX LIMITED, SIX has developed an exclusive collection that will transport even the most demanding individualist to style seventh heaven: Edgy. Urban. Stylish. And most importantly: guaranteed to be miles ahead of the mainstream."  Sounds great huhmm? 
The price is ranging from €6,95 till €19,95. Whazzup with the neon? I totally love this trend. And it seems my lucky season, because neon seems to show up in many collections this spring/summer. Nothing above a lovely sun-tanned skin, shining in a neon coat. Little detail: lovely-sun-tanned-skin. Crap. Guess I have to wait to immersing myself into this trend. Seriously, a spook isn't that far away from my color now. Is it the weather, maybe my current diet or a leftover of this month sitting inside caused by exams? It isn't clear yet for me, but I do know that it has to change. Because I'm craving this trend. So sunny side up please, leaving the house more often and eat more vegetables and fresh meat. Ready set go!


My faves? I'm in love with a lot of the necklaces & earrings, right now at the moment I can't decide, so guess I will wait a bit to see what I really HAVE-TO buy. 

zondag 3 februari 2013


Jieeeeehaa, exams are over. I can leave my cave now. This picture is quite a good description, haha. The word 'study' is from now on strictly wicked. Unless maybe to mention that I could have studied better when I receive my results. Untill now, I think the exams went well (except maybe the last, that was a very difficult one), so welcoooome free time. 
Offcourse I already did enjoy the end, just like friday, tonight I'm going to papapapaaarty. 

Hope my voice won't get worser. It's pretty f*cked up right now, probably due to the low resistance of my immune system. Guess exams left me this gift, so now I have to suck this throat-tablets à volonté. Jeeeej.

Here is a new part of 'my collection'. A rubric to unveil little by little a bit of myself. I love earcuffs. It just has that little extra in contrast to a normal earring. My first one was very special. One of my friends was making some beautifull earrings. And I made a request for making some cuff-like. I became fan. And when stores were getting full of it, my collection broadens. 

1 h&m 2 sasha 3 h&m 4 h&m 5 designed by Anne 6 h&m 7 F21 8 topshop 9 turkey

Faves? Do you like earcuffs?