zondag 17 februari 2013

HOT or NOT?!: the plexi-heels

Today it's time to introduce a new rubric, namely: HOT or NOT?!
Evaluating trends, that's what it is all about. I emphasize that goes about both the upcoming, current as well as resigned trends. It's just not that easy keeping pace with the times and always be updated on the highest new trends, although that's one of a blogger's duty's. I rather describe it as a curiosity to opinions. Sometimes when some trend is striking everywhere, I wonder what the average person thinks about it, as I mean: I want to get to know my readers and visitors.

So each time, I will put a random trend in the middle of this, and you can vote whether you consider it hot or not. Easy, right? By checking the poll out, you can check what you people really think. I will be honest and sincere too. Since I will give a review myself. 

So for now: The plexi-heels
Since the MMM for h&m launch last autumn, these futuristic heels were already there. Nowadays you can find them more and more. I think they're quite genious, but I'm not that type of high heel-person. The lower versions are still cool, but then you will lose a bit of the 'look-through' effect, I think. So for me it's a hot!



(You can find the source of the pictures by clicking the numbers.)
So let the voting begin!

HOT or NOT?! - the plexi trend

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Er zitten hele mooie schoenen tussen!
    De Lanvin schoen vind ik super!
    Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog!

  2. hoewel dit toch al een oude trend is, blijf ik hem echt cool vinden :)

    new outfit post

  3. Super gave schoenen!


  4. Wat grappig. Dat Follow Fashion Trend Report heb ik geschreven :-) Fan dus!

  5. Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog..
    Je moet van deze trend houden,, Sommige schoenen vind ik wel mooi.

    Check mijn nieuwste beauty review...X

  6. Ik vind ze heel gaaf! Ik heb zelf die zwarte van H&M

    xx Riëlle

  7. Ja, heel leuk!! Heb je zelf inmiddels al een paar bemachtigd? ;-)

    Ik volg je nu ook via bloglovin, follow back?

    X Savannah