woensdag 6 februari 2013

CURRENT LOVES: six limited edition

Couple of days ago, I gave a quick visit to some stores in Leuven, spotting a bit of the new collections. And although madames were totally busy filling in the new season and cleaning out the old, my eyes did catch some precious pieces. Starting with the limited collection of Six. 
Reading this: "With SIX LIMITED, SIX has developed an exclusive collection that will transport even the most demanding individualist to style seventh heaven: Edgy. Urban. Stylish. And most importantly: guaranteed to be miles ahead of the mainstream."  Sounds great huhmm? 
The price is ranging from €6,95 till €19,95. Whazzup with the neon? I totally love this trend. And it seems my lucky season, because neon seems to show up in many collections this spring/summer. Nothing above a lovely sun-tanned skin, shining in a neon coat. Little detail: lovely-sun-tanned-skin. Crap. Guess I have to wait to immersing myself into this trend. Seriously, a spook isn't that far away from my color now. Is it the weather, maybe my current diet or a leftover of this month sitting inside caused by exams? It isn't clear yet for me, but I do know that it has to change. Because I'm craving this trend. So sunny side up please, leaving the house more often and eat more vegetables and fresh meat. Ready set go!


My faves? I'm in love with a lot of the necklaces & earrings, right now at the moment I can't decide, so guess I will wait a bit to see what I really HAVE-TO buy. 

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke sieraden. En een leuke naam heb je, hahaha.

  2. Son preciosos!!!


  3. Mooie collectie!


  4. Beautiful!!


  5. gonnna check these peaces! love them! wanna follow each other?!

  6. These neon accessories are amazing ^^


  7. Get the bracelet! This trend is definitely spot on lately. Great eye :)
    Too many choices sometimes aint helpful..can totally understand..hehe
    Enjoy ur weekends...added u on GFC.

    CHECK POST ON SUNGLASSES GIVEAWAY. I have just created FACEBOOK. Hope you can follow. Appreciate it!

  8. OMG, this collection is amazing, how come I never knew about such a genius thing? I want them all, great post!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Mary x

  9. Wow echt super mooie sieraden dit! Zal even een kijkje nemen op de webshop!
    Dankje voor de tip!


  10. inderdaad echt mooi !