dinsdag 26 februari 2013

NAILART: Pink lining

Whoopie, I've been a bad blogger (again). Too long time no see. But last week was, what should I say, pretty vivid again. Not in a positive way. Wednesday my lovely phone was stolen (again) @ a club where I lost more of those beloved things. Can't help it, it seems like faith is picking on me. Even with a group of friendz, it's always me who is the 'lucky' shot. Next time, guess I have to pick another purse that looks less attractive, or maybe protect it with a padlock?

Texting a friend, making a quick call, instagramming or checking FB, banal things but in the long run very indispensible imo. A pretty example of how these modern social media/gadget-times influence or minds that way, we become little addicts, and can't imagine anymore without these luxe-opportunities. And this may sound cocky, but try to think about it, from all this possibilities to -boem klatch- nothing (see: stone age minds: no pc's, phones, tablets or internet), would you be able to bear that?

Anywayz, looking for a new phone right now. Hope I will be able to thrift the same one, because currently, they don't sell it anymore. 
Quick nail art, with a combo of Catrice: hip queens wear blue jeans! and Essence limited edition Miami roller girl. (PS. I do need more training on the right hand, haha.)

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