maandag 20 mei 2013

NAILART: Caviar please

Time flies, we're almost in the end of may, can't believe the schoolyear is almost over again and holidays are coming... First thingz first of course...EXAMS. Hohohorrible times, I'm getting scared already. It's a time, to survive only with full focus and force, no distractions allowed. I'm curious I will survive as well as a sophomore. "Just keep that vibe good and believe in yourself", my current motto it iz. Let's kick some ass :)

The caviar nails from Ciaté, nobody who doesn't know them yet... But in case you don't, I've made a little creation to point out the fact that they are absolutely fabulous!



zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Outfit of the day: Blooming blossoms

And once again, the summerfeelings are gone. With a sober 14 degrees, we're back to basics. Actually, I don't regret it so much. Last week I partied for the very last crazy time. In 2 weeks the creepy period in Dutch called 'BLOK' will start. (The period to prepare for end-exams.) So these days I'm almost living in the university-library. So from now on till the 27th of june, I will have no life besides studying  my ass off. To soothe those dark thoughts, me and 2 friends booked our holiday! From 9 till 18 july I will go to Hongary, Siofok, for a nice party and relaxing time. We're also gonna visit 'Balaton Sound' festival. 
So there will come an highlight in this grey time, eventually. 
For the outfit pictures; they were taken last weekend when the weather was still purrrrrfect. I'm getting happy again watching this. Blooming blossoms, flying butterflies and singing birds: the ingredients you need for a perfect spring cocktail...

wearing: pants (F21) - top, necklace & shoes (primark) - blazer & belt (h&m) - earrings (six) - sunglasses (ray ban) 




vrijdag 3 mei 2013

HOT OR NOT?! Creepers

It's been a while that a new 'hot or not?!' post came up. In fact, any kindah post. I could keep on apologising, but that doesn't change anything. I accepted for myself that a student has not that much of time around this period of the year (papers, teamwork and preparing exams)... Blogging should stay fun, so I decided not to force myself posting on a specific term, only when I feel like sharing something... I'm sure that after my exams the posting will get back to basics again, but these times are just that filled with f*cking tons of work!

So today, creepers are in the picture. Creepers, the oxford shoes with the big platform beneath. They no need further explanation, right? They creeped (again) into the fashion scene a while ago, getting worn by lots of celebs like Rihanna,... They were already long time popular in the emo / grunge scene, especially in the nineties when even the Spice girls wore them!  But nowadays they emerge also in regular context. In fact, they totally creep me out. Don't get me wrong, I do like flatforms, but like sandals or something. The creepy shape of creepers just aren't my cup of tea ;). For me it's a not, and I'm curious to your thoughts! 





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HOT OR NOT?! - Creepers