maandag 29 oktober 2012

NAILART: Halloween nails

Boooooooooooooooooh, it's almost halloween time. Although we Belgians don't celebrate it like an american, I like it very much! When I was younger, I even went on the road to "trick or treat". There were a lot of astonished faces & awkward moments ("Ok, and why exactly are you here?"), simply because we Belgians don't do these things... Such a pity.. so for not losing my halloween mood, I polished my nailz very spookyyyy. 

Thiz iz how we do it:

STEP 1: Paint your nails with a base colour of your choice; preferably a light-ish colour. (I chose a skin-color from catrice + I tested the python top coat from Bourjois on my pinkie: I will show you guys how it works in another post)

STEP 2: Dip a toothpick into red nail varnish and then apply an uneven coat to the tips of your nailz to create a blood dripping effect

STEP 3: Then apply a lighter red varnish on top to create a more bloody effect.

STEP 4: Apply a top coat so it lasts longer and adds a finishing shine.


zaterdag 27 oktober 2012


haaaa, these cold days. They are back, can't believe it! Since I've held a little detox week (detox from partying, yez), this week, it waz mostly me and my computer, my computer and me. Silly, I know, but when the temperatures start to fall, I'm less happy outside. Upcoming winter depression..? It's always a bit of getting used to it, but first: I have to find a new winter coat. And believe me or not; a new coat (and I mean a thick and warm but still fashionable) = 4 me the hardest thing to find. So I will keep you posted on my quest. During my surfing, I found a lot of veryyy nice thingz. But I have to wait till I glean some money for a serious winter-shopping. Instead, I will share it with you guyz.

1 Boots with glitter back Boohoo 2 Boots with studs Boohoo 3 Boots with block heel & studsBoohoo 4 Boots TopshopSnake boots Zalando 6 Western boots aztec print Boohoo Glitter boots Boohoo

1 Earrings Reminiscence 2 Earcuff with pearls 3 Necklace Fielsol 4 Electric blue bag Sasha 5 Necklace ASOS 6 Earrings Reminiscence 7 Nail polish: Frenzy Chanel 8 Earcuff with hands Topshop

You can click on the item to see some details.
Which itemz are your favouritz ?


woensdag 24 oktober 2012

How to ombré? VS crackle!

Yezzzz, except eating (I'm playing the dutch 'Komen eten' with some friendz), I've been very busy with some nail art lately. A couple of years ago I was NEVER wearing nail polish. But now?! Can't believe it: I'm a serious addict these days. When I go outside without, I'm feeling naked! As you knew from my previous post I mostly love the brand Catrice. 

Now I will show you my creations of the last week.


1. Apply a base coat in the color you want. 

2. Choose a color for the ombré-effect & take a little sponge.

3. Apply the other color on the sponge (not to thick; then you get bubbles).

4. Make a rolling motion on your nail with the sponge.

5. You can remove the leftovers & eventual you can retouch with the first color for
    a smoother transition.

6. If you want to; you can apply some glitters on the transition for a special effect.



I bought this one @ Primark; it's very easypeasy to apply.

1. Apply the base coat.

2. Apply the crackle and poof: the crackle look appears, apply the top coat to keep it longer.

Which one do you prefer?!

zondag 21 oktober 2012

outfit of the day: Preppy pastel

Haaah, those weekends; it's like I don't experience them consciously. Since I'm in college I have the feeling that time flies. (seriously, @ excessive speed) It's also the first time I needed an agenda: planning = necessary; because time is money, or that's what they say. Mostly, my time of real chillin' is during holidays. But I know, I shouldn't complain, because there will be a time to go working and then the REAL life-time-management will start. Anywayz; I wore this outfit @ a little reception today of our neighbors: they opened their refurbished garden center. Normally; I wear this outfit with my fluffy duffy electric blue winter coat; but since the temperatures are absolutely NOT winter-matic; I decided to wear just a little jacket. (and even that waz tooooo warm!) 


Blouse (Forever 21) - skirt & shoes (urban outfitters) - jacket (zara) - vintage satchel ( - earrings (Jutka & Riska Antwerp)

oh btw: I finally succeeded making a fishbone braid: 3 times hurray to myself. 


dinsdag 16 oktober 2012

NEW IN: some vintage


 Vvvvvintage; can you smell it allready? Shopping these unique pieces; knowing that there is a whole story attached to these clothes... LOVELY, don't you think? Well, so do I; I'm a serious vintage-lover. Although the wahalla for vintage is located in Brussels, Antwerp & Gent; Leuven has also something to offer. Not so long ago; Think Twice also got a shop in here. It's a nice store, orderly sorted by color. And as you might know; they have a great concept: it works by 'people to people'; what makes it very affordable. On top of this; a collection stays 5 weeks and @ the last 2 weeks you can shop with serious discounts. And with hearing the word discount; I'm getting into a very active mood... So these are my gains; 

* Pink dress with cute buttons 

*Sweater dress with fruits to wear with some leggings 


* Disco glitter dress - But I really don't know how to combine it to don't make it look 'TOOOOO'; So any suggestions?


zaterdag 13 oktober 2012



Like I said before; step by step you will know a bit more of myself... As some of my posts reveal; I'm a serious nail polish freak. Actually, most of all: Catrice. I'm very satisfied with this polishes; most of them are very smooth, don't need to many layers and offcourse: they're cheap. (€2,69 to be precise @ kruidvat; although they were €2,50 earlier; the crisis is for everyone, I guess?) Catrice had also a lot of funky colors and the best part is to discover their name. (creative people who invent them imo!)
So here is my collection; not toooo big (I only bought the colors I adored), but still in progress.

From left to right:                 
                         480 miss piggy reloaded
                         450 I Sea you!
                         410 Pool party at night
                         810 AC id DC
                         830 Salmon & Garfunkel
                         200 from dusk to dawn
                         240 Sold out forever
                         020 MAN, GO Tango
                         400 Blue cara ciao
                         350 Hip girls were blue jeans!
                         540 Am I Blue or green?
                         820 Pimp my shrimp
                         030 Meet me at coral island
                         450 Sand Francisco

My personal favourites; 

810 AC id DC
020 MAN, GO Tango

820 Pimp my shrimp
030 Meet me at coral island

Which one do you like the most? Or do you have other craving colors?


Liebster Award


In this big world of blogging, sometimes, it's nice 2 know you have readers who appreciate you. In this way; you know you can share your passion; inspire; and by getting connected: picking  up new inspiration; to keep this world of fashion, beauty or just fancy writing running. I just received an award: The Liebster award.

This is how it works:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

3. Fabricate 11 new questions for people who you nominate yourself.

4. Choose & mention 11 other bloggers in this post. (They can't have more than 200 followers)

5. Leave a comment to the persons you nominate.

6. You can't re-nominate.

11 things about myself

*I'm a student psychology (watch out)

*I'm a real blondie and have blue eyes (oh god; this feels like filling in a friends book from primary school)

*I've got a microdermal in my arm

*I've got since a very long time in the bottom of my hair a braid with some pearls in it

*I'm an internet-geek (since my 4th year primary school already!)

*I'm a proud owner of a Vespa PK

*although I own a vespa, I haven't got my driving license for a car (hereby; a good intention is made!)

*As you can read in one of my previous posts; I LOVE series 

* I also LOVE partying (always in!)

*I own 2 turtles; they're already 15 years old 

*I'm tall, very tall (to be precise; 1m81)

11 questions of LynSelStyle :

1. What's your favourite movie or TV-series? GOSSIP GIRL fo sho!
2. What's your ideal job? Being a psychologist; helping some youth out or something and maybe have a helpdesk in a magzine like 'Flair' or something.
3. What kind of music do you listen? I listen to a broad category of music; but electronic music (like dnb, electro, house, groove,...) I like the most!
4. How many hours a day do you spent time behind your pc (blog, mails, fb, ...)? It depends... Sometimes a whole day, other days not. I guess on an average of 5 hours a day.
5. What studies do you do? Psychology
6. How long does your blog exist? July of this year!
7. What do you want to reach in your life? A happy life? No that's a cliché. So many things... I don't want to make this blogpost tooooo long ;) 
8. Do you have a pet? What kind of? Or do you want some? I own 2 turtles and maybe in the future; I want tortoises; I have a weakness for it: they're soooooo cute! 
9. Do you live still with your parents? It depends... I have a studentroom in Leuven, so just for the weekend and holidays.
10. What would you do with 1 million €? Have a very decadent life, I think...
11. How much money do you spent on make-up monthly? €15 or something 

11 questions of Denbelle:

1. How many parties do you join in a month?
2. What's your favourite nail polish colour?
3. What do you think about vintage?
4. How much money do you spend on clothes monthly? 
5. Do people got a nickname for you?
6. What's your favourite garment?
7. Do you have ambitions with your blog?
8. A big secret???
9. How did you get the idea to start a blog?
10. An old time favourite: what's your favourite food?
11. Do you live by a motto? Which?

Nominated Bloggers:


woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Outfit of the day: aztec vs leather


It's been a while ago now, so I thought a quick post isn't misplaced. Lately I was very busy with the bday from a best friend. (You know that rush rush rush?) Me and my other friends bought a ring as present, an original design from a store in Leuven called: "Mozaiek". It's worth it! Moreover, we had the ring engraved with a special friend-code. (secret, haha) So on monday, her birthday, I organised a little surprise party @ her studio. After a whole 'pink panter plan'; a friend stole her keys, so we sneaked in and decorated the place with flags and more then 100 balloons, and in one of them we stowed the ring. So after some chatting with party snacks and champagne; she searched and searched and searched and after some tips and a big 'poof'; she received her present & was very happy with it. But enough now; let's get over to the outfit (which I also wore).Remember my primark post? Well, I combined some of these now!


wearing: Aztec pull - blouse - leathern shorts (all primark) - boots (unknown) - bag (sasha - old) - earrings (h&m) - nail polish (catrice)


donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Outfit of the day: It starts with rain and it ends with fluo


Oh boy; what a terrible weather. Seriously, it works on my mood! On these belgian rainy days; it's hard to choose an outfit, because it's just to hide yourself behind an umbrella; and not to show it. Nevertheless, I chose a colorful one. Which i'm about to show you in a minute. I was also in a nail polish mood so I wanted 1 nail with glitters; which is seriously failed. I wanna make a bad review for something I bought a while ago: It's called Essence pigments. It consists of a jar of glitter and a transparent nail polish. Normally you have to put on the polish and sprinkle the glitter all over; it promises a good result... My ass; first my desk was completely covered with that stuff and secondly, the result was terrible: it remained sticky and didn't give a smooth surface at all. Did someone of you use it 2, or any other experiences?

What I wear: Black skinny (pieces) - pink blouse / jeans jacket / necklace / earrings (h&m) - bag (vintage) - loafers (new look) - nail polish (essentiel & primark)

why don't you work :(