woensdag 24 oktober 2012

How to ombré? VS crackle!

Yezzzz, except eating (I'm playing the dutch 'Komen eten' with some friendz), I've been very busy with some nail art lately. A couple of years ago I was NEVER wearing nail polish. But now?! Can't believe it: I'm a serious addict these days. When I go outside without, I'm feeling naked! As you knew from my previous post I mostly love the brand Catrice. 

Now I will show you my creations of the last week.


1. Apply a base coat in the color you want. 

2. Choose a color for the ombré-effect & take a little sponge.

3. Apply the other color on the sponge (not to thick; then you get bubbles).

4. Make a rolling motion on your nail with the sponge.

5. You can remove the leftovers & eventual you can retouch with the first color for
    a smoother transition.

6. If you want to; you can apply some glitters on the transition for a special effect.



I bought this one @ Primark; it's very easypeasy to apply.

1. Apply the base coat.

2. Apply the crackle and poof: the crackle look appears, apply the top coat to keep it longer.

Which one do you prefer?!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I prefer the first one! :D


  2. die laatste draag ik ook vaak! xo


  3. Ik moet echt dringend eens zo'n crackle nagellak aanschaffen, zo'n tof effect!

  4. Dit is wel erg mooi!!
    Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog..

    Check mijn nieuwste blogpost en laat een reactie achter..
    Bye BYe