zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Liebster Award


In this big world of blogging, sometimes, it's nice 2 know you have readers who appreciate you. In this way; you know you can share your passion; inspire; and by getting connected: picking  up new inspiration; to keep this world of fashion, beauty or just fancy writing running. I just received an award: The Liebster award.

This is how it works:

1. Tell 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

3. Fabricate 11 new questions for people who you nominate yourself.

4. Choose & mention 11 other bloggers in this post. (They can't have more than 200 followers)

5. Leave a comment to the persons you nominate.

6. You can't re-nominate.

11 things about myself

*I'm a student psychology (watch out)

*I'm a real blondie and have blue eyes (oh god; this feels like filling in a friends book from primary school)

*I've got a microdermal in my arm

*I've got since a very long time in the bottom of my hair a braid with some pearls in it

*I'm an internet-geek (since my 4th year primary school already!)

*I'm a proud owner of a Vespa PK

*although I own a vespa, I haven't got my driving license for a car (hereby; a good intention is made!)

*As you can read in one of my previous posts; I LOVE series 

* I also LOVE partying (always in!)

*I own 2 turtles; they're already 15 years old 

*I'm tall, very tall (to be precise; 1m81)

11 questions of LynSelStyle :

1. What's your favourite movie or TV-series? GOSSIP GIRL fo sho!
2. What's your ideal job? Being a psychologist; helping some youth out or something and maybe have a helpdesk in a magzine like 'Flair' or something.
3. What kind of music do you listen? I listen to a broad category of music; but electronic music (like dnb, electro, house, groove,...) I like the most!
4. How many hours a day do you spent time behind your pc (blog, mails, fb, ...)? It depends... Sometimes a whole day, other days not. I guess on an average of 5 hours a day.
5. What studies do you do? Psychology
6. How long does your blog exist? July of this year!
7. What do you want to reach in your life? A happy life? No that's a cliché. So many things... I don't want to make this blogpost tooooo long ;) 
8. Do you have a pet? What kind of? Or do you want some? I own 2 turtles and maybe in the future; I want tortoises; I have a weakness for it: they're soooooo cute! 
9. Do you live still with your parents? It depends... I have a studentroom in Leuven, so just for the weekend and holidays.
10. What would you do with 1 million €? Have a very decadent life, I think...
11. How much money do you spent on make-up monthly? €15 or something 

11 questions of Denbelle:

1. How many parties do you join in a month?
2. What's your favourite nail polish colour?
3. What do you think about vintage?
4. How much money do you spend on clothes monthly? 
5. Do people got a nickname for you?
6. What's your favourite garment?
7. Do you have ambitions with your blog?
8. A big secret???
9. How did you get the idea to start a blog?
10. An old time favourite: what's your favourite food?
11. Do you live by a motto? Which?

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