donderdag 14 februari 2013

NAILART: Blue mountains

Valentine's day, mister Cupido's busy day. I think you can say there are basicly 2 camps. Those who love this day, en those who don't, or stay indifferent. I consider myself to this last category. Not that there is a thing to celebrate, since I'm still (happy!) single. But all this "on this day we have to show explicit that we're happy in love"- fuss is irritating me. All those soggy and sticky moments, while love is something you have to show everyday, and not only with flowers or a teddy on the 14th of february, right? 

So no cuddly dinners or something this day for me. Just celebrating. Double shot celebration time. At first, I achieved my driving licence tuesday. (3 times hurray!) I'm so relieved, one thing less to care! And secondly, I received my results. I passed 4 from the 5 exams, sadly enough the other one will be a resit.
Guess all this hard work sometimes get rewarded and this may well be a good thing.

Here a little nailart with some tape. I wasn't so happy with the result because I had to retouch a lot (caused by a bit loosening the polish), and it makes it a bit sloppy. But it's a cool way to make something 'new'. So better luck next time!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk gedaan,
    tof een belgische blogster :D! zin om elkaar te volgen?

  2. love it! il looks amazing!:)
    GiveAway on my blog:)

  3. Heel erg leuk! Ik had het nog nooit op deze manier gezien, met plakband/tape.
    Liefs, Iris