zaterdag 24 november 2012

Shopping trip: Antwerp

Aargh, it's been a while again, this week was so busy I forgot posting!
Once a season, I go on a serious shopping trip to Antwerp, because it stayz the shopwahalla of Belgium. (my fave top: 1. Antwerp 2. Luik 3. Gent 4. Brussels 5. Hasselt 6.Leuven) But when I go, I like to do it W.I.L.D. So I wait untill I gather enough money and then spend it recklessly. And with that I don't mean bad buyz, but buyz without money considerations ;). Luckily my clothing-sale @ Louvintage did go well, so I could replace the old empty space in my closet with something new. So last tuesday I went to the city from every girl's dream. I prefer shopping alone, because there are absolutely no limits: you can traverse from one store to another and back again, you don't have to wait in the fitting rooms, you can stay as long or as short as you want in a store,... I could name a lot of benefits. And what if you doubt? You can't ask a friend's opinion? Well it's simple; I almost never doubt about buying something or not. The only disadvantage is to eat something alone; there are cooler thingz then that :D. But lucky me: I've got a male friend who just loves the same details as me. So we go to Antwerp together: take the train, smoke some cigarettes, split up, eat together @ noon, split up, call each other to ask what the state of affairs are, rejoin, smoke some cigarettes, take the train back home, and whine about our feet & buyz or not-buyz. Love it!






What are your favouritz?


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Antwerpen is echt een super stad!
    Leuke items :)

  2. Wat heb je superleuke dingen gekocht. Ik vind beide glitterrokjes echt superleuk!
    Ik volg je nu,

  3. Shopping in Antwerp is just amazing! I went there ones! And i can still remember as yesterday! You bought some beautiful things!



  4. wauw dat glitter jasje onderaan is super leuk!
    en als je nog eens in antwerpen bent, ga dan eens lunchen bij lombardia, het is daar echt super lekker! :)
    bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blogg, jee,nog een belgische blogger ontdekt:)
    Lijkt het je misschien leuk om elkaar te volgen?
    liefs, laila.

  5. Lekker veel gekocht zo te zien :)!!
    De sequin skirt is erg mooi en de oorbellen woow..
    goed gewinkeld zeg!


  6. I love all of these items! I don't have a favorite - they're all too good!

    <3 Melissa

  7. wow, wat een leuke dingen heb je gekocht! Die oorbellen zijn echt gaaf. Leuke blog heb je trouwens, ik ga je zeker volgen! Hopelijk kijk je ook even op mijn blog :)

    xx Marjolein

  8. Ik vind winkelen in Antwerpen altijd ge-wel-dig.
    En wat een mooie aankoopjes zeg! Ik vind letterlijk alles hiervan geweldig haha.

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  9. wohow superveel en heel mooi aankopen! nu wil ik die blauwe oorbellen van F21!

  10. Antwerp is the best!! ;-)
    Hi! Just a little comment to let you know that I like your blog, and that’s why I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Congrats. Check my blog for more info and keep up the good work!
    X Girlonamission

  11. De blauwe oorringen va forever21 zijn echt mooi!