woensdag 8 augustus 2012

NEW IN: Into the the fluo zone

First of all, some words of sorry because I left my blog a while untouched. A lot of festivals were going on, like tomorrowland, one of the best: I LOVE IT! These days i'm getting prepared for my re-examination of statistics. Hard knock life, really...

This season a lot of trends are going on, my faves of the moment are certainly studs & glitters (which is not only since these season: i'm a glitterADDICT 4 sure)! But I'm getting also into the fluo trend. 
My last catches:

FLUO BAG - H&M €24,99
NAILART ESSENCE - only €1,49

 I'm getting nail-art addicted :)

And now back to reality: the books... I promise next time won't take so long 4 a new update...

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