donderdag 23 augustus 2012

can't get enough of sales


Last night was pretty amazing, I went for a drink with some friendz, but in an impulsive caprice; we arrived @ an exclusive private party a couple of cities further. A bit underdressed, we partied between D&G, high heels and really expensive champagne (€219/bottle!!!!!!!!). So party animal as I am, I woke up with a serious hangover and to surmount it, I went to a little city in the neighborhood to look 4 some very last sales, and windowshop the new collection. (after that party, everyone's wallet would have been broke...). 

And there it waz, the awkward moment when you enter in a state of desperation the shop 'Bel & Bo'. Normally I would never enter it because i'm seriously under the average age of those customers (except when you add the teenies). And very strange but true, I found a dress (itz nothing to frame, but nice to wear on vacation or some) for only €7, bitch please! 
On top of that I bought also a grey jacket with some silver plates, very casual but nice to wear with a dress. That wasn't so pricy too! (€10). So my hangover melted like snow in the sun. 

Here some quick pics, cause I'm going to bed in a moment, I have to be fit because tomorrow, i'm going to a festival again with some friends till sunday. So see you guys within a few days.
(Btw: I'm posting also one of my favorite songs of the moment, it makes me think of yesterday^^)


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