woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Frustrations? Me-time!


If I have to describe my mood today: I would say cloudy!
When the temperature keeps rising and rising, my motivation keeps falling and falling. It's so hard to study when the weather is like this :( 

On top of this, it's also time for pukkelpop (the belgian festival), after the disaster of 2011 I'd hoped to go back but with the examination on monday, that intention also failed... I went to pukkelpop for already 5 years a row, so this is very painfull. 

Between this dark thoughts, I saw the light: it's time for a bit me-time... So I grabbed my masks from Montagne-Jeunesse (Kruidvat), time to lean back and relax! I chose the white chocolate flavour for deep pore rinsing. With some tunes on the background, perfect for a happy-feeling. Afterwards, I polished my nails and tried out the zebra-look.

Totally reborn :) 


Montagne Jeunesse masks: €1,75

Catrice:€2,49  Nail art pen: Urban outfitters: €3,50 (sales)

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