vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

Outfit of the day: Friendly Prisoner


I've told you in my previous post I was searching for work; en jeppah... I got work: but not really the kind I imagined... Yesterday was my first day, or let's better say night. I have to work from 5 pm till 1 am, so you can say it's partly night work. When I heard the name night work, in my mind I saw floating the euro notes (hello: I could also been partying?!) but nothing is less true. It doesn't pay well and the job sux (I have to fill boxes with batteries...). Some relief: there are other working students to talk with :). I could keep complaining but work is work and it's only today, monday & tuesday; and then Travel-Time ^^. 

Fit into the picture; I have an outfit of the day (snapshot from before: the weather sux today!), and I think it's prison-tinted (think @ work). First the stripes, and then the plates, studs & chains. 

Plans of the day: a little surfing & getting work-proof. Adios x

Top: Forever 21         Sunglasses: Ray ban   
Jeans, flats, necklace: New look        Bag: Essentiel           

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