woensdag 29 augustus 2012

DIY: punk-shirt

Hi folks,

SOS, i'm searching 4 work... I've been surfing all day long, looking for a summer job, in vain. I am €600 in debt to my daddy, I borrowed money to pay my trip to Turkey from next week. So before school starts again (24 september, yikes!), I have to gather that money. So between my search-sessions online, I got jitters to DIY. So I looked in my closet, and there I found some stuff to make this skull-shirt and pimp it out with studs. I'm happy with the result, it's perfect for some weather like today, can't wait 2 wear it.
Oh and I passed by 'Kruidvat' and bought some new nail-stuff, so when the ombré nails have had their best time, I will post some new stuff.

(btw; the red spots are still from the processionary, no pimples or something ;) )


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke blog! Heb ondertussen zelf ook een paar DIY's, moest je tijd hebben om eens een kijkje te nemen ;)