maandag 27 augustus 2012

NAILART: ombré ombré ombré


Late night post over here... Do you know what sucks? PROCESSIONARY! (kind of caterpillars). Last weekend I went to a festival and there, in the oak trees, these tiny little vermin lose their hair. It's f*cking itchy and irritating and I've read on the internet that it can last up till 2 weeks!! But next week I'm going to Turkey with some friendz so i'll hope it will be gone by then, because these are all red bumps, so I'm not the most picture perfect woman today and I'm very sure that sunshine wouldn't make it better... Anywayz it waz a very nice festival (independently of those animalz, duh...). Due to the weather, I had done a home-pedicure (and manicure, let's be honest) today. My feet were horrible after the rain in my shoes. But every coin has 2 sides; now I have happy feet and cool ombre nails!

I saw these shiny colors in my room and thought about ombré ombré ombré :)
The colors are;
 - 240 sold out forever 
 - 810 ACid/DC                      
both from catrice. (btw; my catrice collection is big, very big...)
Maybe these colors are also caterpillar-icious. Haven't they greenish colors? Or perhaps, itz my obsession...


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! How did you do that?
    Its crazy beautiful! :)


    1. I followed this tutorial:
      It's rather easy: have fun with it! x