dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

outfit of the day: pink lemon


It's fine to feel back on track! Yesterday, I had my exam of statistics, but did I succeed? Don't ask me... It was very difficult but I thought I did better than last time. Anywayz to celebrate the sequel of my vacation, I've been eating sushi with a couple of friendz (although they have to finish other examinations, poor guys!).

For my outfit of the day, I found inspiration in some fruit juice (weird, yeah i know). I combined a floral skirt (with main colours pink and orange) with a lemon tank top embellished with some pearls. The skirt, I ordered online on BOOHOO (my favourite webshop) and the top is from sales @ Forever 21. I tried this 2 with my wedges from 3Suisses. These aren't my everyday shoelovely's because I don't wear much heels (caused by my length: I don't want to be seen as 'Long Neck' the attraction in the amusement park 'Efteling').

So i'm summerproof again, ready 2 do nice things. xoxo

   top: forever 21     skirt: boohoo.com    
wedges: 3suisses.com                    earrings: Jutka & riska vintage store - Antwerp

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