vrijdag 14 september 2012

Back to life

Hello again, 

I'm back in Belgium! Actually, I was yesterday; but I was too tired 4 posting. (yeah tired after vacation awkward, I know!) The vacation was incredible, I already want to go back! After Lloret de mar and Chersonissos, our 3th party-holiday was Marmaris. There was a huge bar street with a lot of clubs, so tradition wise; we went over there every night and partied the night away. For culture (and to make the parents happy) we did a hammam (yikes this waz so nice!) and we went on a boat trip (nice sun-tan). The shopping there was rather disappointed.. Too much fake bladidadidaaaa (although one of my friendz bought a nice Jimmy Choo!), so I didn't shop much over there. I won't tell you everything but here some key-words: irritating turkish boys, water pipe, fake-shopping, hammam-relaxing, nice rooms & hotel, lovely weather, root spray, joy-club, vodka-redbull, night-swimming, party-music, and so oooooon. I'm posting some pictures but I borrowed my camera the next week to a friend so my posts will be based on mobile-pictures :( 

boughts: Leather mint bag - Escada Island Kiss - Clinique chubby stick - earcuff - earrings - friendshipbracelet


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