zaterdag 15 september 2012



After a rough night @ a back-in-Belgium-party, me and a friend decided to fill in today with some shopping. First, we wanted to go to the only primark in Belgium (in Luik); but because it waz already late, we went to Hasselt. Actually, my favourite city in Belgium to shop is  Antwerp (definitely!). But today, I waz lucky because I found some really nice things in Hasselt. I finally found my studded loafers (me so happy). Another lucky thing: accidentally, my friend had a magazine with her with some discount codes from certain shops, so we could shop with discount! The only problem; the pictures suck. I didn't think about it when I borrowed my camera (ow bad blogger), but I miss it already now. Let's say it will be good for my karma! So here some pictures of my finds;
earrings (left); new look €7,15 - earrings (right); H&M €5,95 
necklace; new look €10,40

Pink studded belt; H&M €7,95

earcuff; Sasha €4,99

Handchain with snakes: New look €4,99
Studded loafers; (picture gives bad colour, they're darker) - random store €19,99

cowboy booties; random store €39,99

dress with lace look trough collar and birds; new look €17,99 (-10%!)

top with blossoms and birds (matches with pants); new look €13,99 (-10%!)

shiny pants (leather-look) hight waist with zipper back; pieces  €34,99 (-20%) 

I'm very happy with my boughts, I am satisfied again for what will I say... a week...? ;)xoxo

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  1. <3 the loafers!

  2. Oeh leuke sieraden! En je schoenen aawauww xx

  3. Leuke spulletjes! Vooral je broek <3 Je hebt er weer een volger bij! Kom ook eens een kijkje nemen op onze blog. Liefs LynSelStyle

  4. Your blog is kinda cool. And I kinda love going here! One of my fav posts, this one, too :)
    Sending love! Maybe we can follow each other?


  5. Wat een leuke aankopen!

    Elkaar volgen?