donderdag 6 december 2012

Essentiel stocksale

Last saturday, it waz one of my favourite days of the season: the Essentiel stocksale. Normally it takes 4 days, but this time it waz only 2 days that you could enjoy extreme discounts. Essentiel is a great brand but sometimes a little expensive so it's a great idea to organise such sales imo. Unfortunately, some people dislike it because you buy clothes from previous seasons & collections; but hey does time uglify clothes? Not at all I think, girls who buy every season a complete new wardrobe, detest their previous, miss the whole concept of combining. There's nothing as fun when you find a undiscovered-unworn piece of clothing in the back of your closet, entirely appropriate for a new piece, isn't it? So I bought my ass off @ this sale. (Normally you can score pieces @ -50% EXTRA discount the last day, but since it waz only 2 days: the cashiers got a bit more of freedom in assigning the prices: yes!)

So after waiting a line with crazy women, and choose or favourite pieces; we celebrated our bargains with a lovely meal @ lunch garden & a party @ night.

rabbit fur coat with leather sleeves -
bought by Tessa €250 (came from 650!)

shoes (bought by Tessa)

sequin skirt (I've always wanted this!!)



ankle boots
LOVED it, thanks for the great day/evening Tess! xoxo

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke aankopen, vooral je eerste rokje vind ik echt heel leuk!

  2. Leuke blog!
    Elkaar volgen??

  3. great blog, just found you.
    following now, hope you do the same..
    lovely pics, kisses :)

  4. Fabulous finds, the coat, heels all are excellent! I agree with you that the whole idea of style is mixing and matching. You can't always have all the latest pieces!

  5. Leuke items! Dat rokje is echt mooi :)

  6. Oooh leuke buys! Ik heb er alleen een zak gekocht, waar ik DOL op ben! Dat rokje had ik ook gezien en vond ik ook super!!!

  7. Die schoenen! En dat glitterrokje! Liefde!