donderdag 13 december 2012

NEW IN: little addict

I didn't found the time to post this new buyz with you guyz. Not that they are so spectacular; but  there were just a few thingz I missed in my closet this season.. And yeah offcourse; I admit, I'm a little addict. But which girl doesn't love to buy buy buy? My mom often declares me crazy, I explain it rather as a non-money-save-talent. I think this 'blair-ism' illustrates what I'm trying 2 say... So... I bought finally my velvet-pieces: even for only €2/piece. (That makes my addiction less dramatic, isn't it?) It waz again the €2-sale of Think Twice which I showed you here. The pictures aren't that great but this burgundy velvet piece satisfies me especially with it's glitz & glamz - sleeves! The waistcoat is simple but can cheer up some casual outfits. I scored the dress in the sales of 'DIDI' (yeah I waz shocked 2 that they had nice thingz) for only €16. And finally, the boots I ordered from the fab shoes after reading about the site @ some blogs. The texture & service definitely pleased me, but I think I have to wear them a couple of times to make them loose: I had blisters the first 2 times :( 


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