woensdag 9 januari 2013

Finishing touches: Hair Crystals

I’ve forgot to post this finishing touch of the day, in the resonance of the holidays. I mean, I used it for the holidays (nye), but in fact, you can use it for every occasion you want.  Only, it will lose it’s effect behind my study desk…
After numerous crystals to decorate your eyes, body, nails and even teeth,  SPOTTED: the hair crystals. 
I've found them in ‘Kruidvat’ for only €1,79 but I suppose you can get them in a lot of drugstores.  
As I mentioned I have this glitz&glam-phobia, this is quite a good new gadget to optimize my obsession.

This is how we do it:
1 Take your pair of crystals. 
2 Cut off a strip with a pair of scissors. (If you have long hair, you might need more strips for one lock of hair.) 
3 Pick a lock of hair from a place that you want. (I chose a piece just behind my ear.) 
4 Remove the white film and paste it in your well-held-together lock of hair. 
5 Heat up the straightener and hold on about 5 second/crystal, and glide along one time. 
6 Remove the plastic foil & tadaaaaa.


As I said, you can choose a place where you want, but don’t pick the wrong one… You don’t want to look like the Barbie from a child who just came back from the hairdressers, will you? (and by that I mean a lot of crystals in your pony or something) Just keep it subtle & natural.

Most of the hair crystals will stay in for a couple of weeks, the edition I used is less promising I think, although I had to scrape them away when I washed my hair. 

Like it? You can find some crystals over here and here
Keep me posted about your expiriences with it!


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  1. Woooooow, da's cool!
    Niet dat ik mezelf dat snel zie doen,
    maar wel leuk om bij iemand anders te zien :D

  2. Leuk gedaan!

    xx Mounia

  3. Love it! Moet ik ook eens proberen :)


  4. Huh super grappig. Ik heb dat echt nog nooit gezien!

  5. this is nice ! i remember it was very fashionable when I was in middle school !!!

    Elegantesque Blog

  6. Wow this is one trend I had not seen before! Nice.

    Ali of: