zaterdag 19 januari 2013

NEW IN: sales

Helleuw again. Let's say I'm back in business. Last week was f*cking exhausting (I'm still recovering!), thanks to this sick exam I mentioned before. 2 done 3 to go. I think they went well, or let's say well enough to pass, but with a multiple choice exam (and correction for guessing), you never know, so I won't take any premature conclusions.
What I do know, is that sales are still on. And I quickly passed h&m & zara after my exam. I had waited long enough don't you think? Didn't shop any sales till 18 january. Considering my obsession, quite a remarkable fact! Little nuance: didn't shop in real life. My online purchases were already arrived, haha, but I didn't found any time to show you. 
So here they are: 





Remember my post here? As you can see above, I found the beloved dress & necklace from zara. +++ I received nothing less than €70 discount on the total of my buyz in h&m & zara, not bad isn't it? The boohoo purchases were €64 in total (no shipping costs + extra -20% for facebookcustomers), imo very cheap for 2 pair of boots & a pair of leggings. I love sales and especially the feeling of getting something you really love and want, and that for ini-mini-prices.

Reconnected. -fieuw- My next exam is tuesday, but that has to be an easier one... 
Good luck to everyone who has also exams, I'm feeling you guyz! KICK SOME ASS xo

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! Really nice!


  2. Zijn de boohoo studded boots goed qua kwaliteit, ik denk dat ik die ook ga bestellen :) Goeie service? enfin snelle service?

    1. Ze zijn zeker het geld waard, de gespen zijn natuurlijk niet zo afgewerkt als bijvoorbeeld die van zara, maar voor €36 zeker niet te sukkelen! Zitten goed, en bestel vaker bij boohoo en perfecte service, ik had ze denk ik op 4 dagen thuis... Nu met de sneeuw weet ik het niet natuurlijk ;)

  3. Wat een leuke spullen! vooraal je legging vind ik erg leuk :)

  4. Leuke dingen in de solden. Ik ben daar de laatste jaren niet meer zo goed in.. :(