vrijdag 4 januari 2013

PERSONAL: friendz eventz nye

As I promised; I would give you guyz an update of my NYE. To be honest, this night is more black than bright. (And by that I mean drunky drunk, I sure do.) Let's put this puzzle pieces together. 
So after a miserable forenoon of learning, I made myself ready as I showed you here. We congregated @ 6 pm to give our presents. It's kinda tradition to meet every NYE with these lovely friendz to eat some delicious food, give presents to a person on the little paper we pulled before,(we even eat these tiny papers after the lottery draw, haha) and dance together the night away. So on the rythm of bacardi-william lawson-martini-fiero-smirnoff-... (yes indeed: the game that you have to complete some kind of brand or object, or you lose) we gave our presents. I consider it rather more pleasant than the just 'hey-here-you-go-your-present'. I received a package of starbucks with some caramel sirup to make some delicious coffee! (and a bottle of wine) Perfect to stay high-concentraded between my exams: thanks Tommie! The other presents were also quite lovely imo; tshirt&scarf, zara necklace and an odor-making buddha. 

Afterwards, we drawed up to the table @ some nice winter bbq and drank 'some' glasses of wine. When we arrived @ the party (some local nye party), we were already tipsy. I guess this progressed in a heavy-like way.

  Countdown and DANCE.

I've made a wise selection of photo's, because there were a lot of 'improper', to say the least. Each year it's kinda competition between us who has got the most scandalous photo's, well this year we've an ex aequo I guess. So I will save you from this monstrosities. And I see you thinking, but don't act like an angel, nye is just THAT drunk event, isn't it?

And well after this lovely night; I had to attend 2 familyparties, and I said nay twice 2 this delicious food. In Belgium we call it: at night big Jan, in the morning Dafalgan. And even that didn't appease this serious hangover. Anywayz; I received a lot of money, an Inno-giftcheck, win for life (€3 yay!) and a lovely ring. 
Thanks to all who were part of this lovely times. 




6 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely pictures (: Seems like its been fun!

  2. fun pictures.., I'll enjoy it somuch also if I was ther<3
    Nice presents.


  3. great celebration! happy new year! mind to check out my new blog post and maybe drop a comment too? it would mean a lot, thank you :)

    xx, thestyleidiom.

  4. Zag er leuk uit :) en ik hou echt van local parties, wa moet ge meer hebben op nye? Blehh drukte!

  5. hahaha die laatste foto! zalig foto echt!
    zag er een topavond uit :D