dinsdag 15 januari 2013

NAILART: zebra battle

Quick update. Tomorrow I have my first exam about personality psychology. YIKES. 
Normally I'd like to rest & relax a bit (afterwards) on the day of an exam. 
Let's stay realistic: these exams are exhausting, aren't they? 
So I like to reward myself (or comfort in case of a bad exam) with some shopping or eating sushi... 
Guess what; friday is my next exam already, and it's the most difficult one of this period. (or that's what they say)
It's psychiatry, a course you have to learn by heart in the most extreme form: 
bradykinesia, amnesia, kataplexia, apraxia, acathasia, hypotonia, afonia, ... IAAAAAAAAAAAA
WORTSALAT: Mix all kind of words without any connection. You see: it's already driving me crazy :) 
So thumbs up, will need it & see you next weekend, when the blog-lock is done.

I give you some nail art I've made a while ago. Zebra nails. 
You have to put on a base coat, and make with a nailart pen some lateral curved stripes. 
It's not perfectly done I think, but I love the total image when you give it a glimpse. 

Which color do you prefer? The pink-silver VS the blue-green?





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