dinsdag 22 januari 2013

NEW IN: essential sales

I'm glad my exam went well today. The next is in 5 days, so I could afford to rest a bit: tradition wise forgetting my school-worries with a nice portion of sushi, hunting the last good deals of sales: thatz how we roll it. 

A golden headliner in the tips for scoring sales is probably scoring basics. Seasons fly, and so does the current collection. But hey, sin ain't not a crime! Altough I won't say my closet is empty, new clothes stay fun. Whether they are following a current trend, whether they're just simple. In this case 'less is more', does not hold good. Guess that's what typifies the women. Back to my point; we rather spend money on fresh and trendy clothes than on good basics. (or that's what I prefer.) 

Thinking about what to wear, and concluding that you miss THE essential piece to fulfill this perfect outfit in mind. I hate this feeling. So based on this issue, I made a wise choice and went hunting this essential pieces. Essential not because they're required in a standard closet (think:LBD, comfy warm pullover, perfect jeans,...), essential to get around the fact I can't combine some specific pieces to wear them parallel to my mind-based-look. 

I missed: 
1 a simple black pair of legging-pants that could go for a pants (not those who reveal your asscrack...) 
2 black shirt blouses (!!!) 
3 a simple shirt in a neutral color to combine with several necklaces 
4 a special pants (not just 'that' jeans)

I found: 
1 my legging (after trying out a lottttt) 
2 I let myself go lose: 3 pieces 
3 simple because it doesn't have a motif, just glitz 
5 a sequin blazer & belt: just because it can 

I still miss: 
4 the special pants. 
Seriously, I don't exaggerate when I tell you I tried on at least 20 pieces. No perfect match, looks like mission impossible?! Too narrow or too short, especially too short. A long piece looks an ankle piece and an ankle piece looks 3/4 on me. Okay 1m80 isn't that small, but hey I'm not a special exception, am I? There are a lot of girls with long legs imo, so pleaseeeeee think about this you damned clothing makers!

The catches: 


Did you find all the things you wanted in sales? Ever had problem with short pants?

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