donderdag 24 januari 2013

Outfit of the day: snow or green?

Brrr, still freezing cold outside. You don't hear me complain, I don't suffer that hard from this icy temperature. 
(Still learning under this sheepishly blanket with the heating to the maximum.) 
Altough the landscape has to be green, I think it's rather charming covered under this snowwhite blanket.

Long time ago, I was playing out there, romping around with the snowflakes, making this cute snowman while I could barely breath due to the superplus clothes-scarf-beanie. Haaa those times, I would love to turn back the time. Between this nostalgic thoughts I couldn't lack taking some quick outfit-pictures while the snow was still on, right?

Like I said, the landscape is white, so let's fill in the green-less nature with some green knits. Actually, green is my favourite color. From mint, to grass, to peacock or khaki. Name it and I love it. Da vinci was the first to define it as 'juvenility, spring, power, autonomy and peace'. Sounds like defining worths for myself, maybe thatz why I love it?

Anywayz, don't mind the sleepy head, I wasn't that long awake and during exams I'm rather light-intolerant, looks like the light was pretty intense, extra projected on this white floor. 


wearing: Green woolen cardigan (thrifted) - blouse and leggings (c&a) - shoes (boohoo) - socks (oldskool) - necklace (vintage) - earrings (F21) - nailpolish (catrice)


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Jaa t is echt super koud buiten brr! (: Je outfit ziet er leuk uit.

  2. Wat een leuke outfit en foto's zeg!
    Ik ben echt verliefd op je laarsjes :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  3. love your boots and your hair!

    xx, rebecca

  4. leuk dat groene vestje!


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